Quick Student Growth For Luxury Yachts Only Instagram Account


Using my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, another of my students has grown their Instagram account rapidly and organically – no fake followers here. Let’s see what this student is doing right with their luxury yacht account and where they might need to mix things up.

Be sure to apply these tips to your own account and remember- what I discuss here is only the tip of the Instagram iceberg. For more in depth tips you’ll want to head over to WolfMillionaire.com and see how you can start growing your account and thus build your brand or business. Instagram is an incredible marketing tool that you want to take advantage of while you can whether you feature luxury yachts or use it as an extension of your already established business.

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I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt… pay attention to the strategies in this post if you want to leverage some of my strategies that @Yachts_Only is using to grow his account FAST!

Yachts_Only At A Glance

First impressions are everything, especially in the fast-paced world of social media. So better make your Instagram be an account that people will like within the first few seconds of seeing it. Let’s see if my student, @Yachts_Only accomplishes this task with their bio.


Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

At first glance, their account looks visually appealing. Their profile picture which ultimately represents their presence on Instagram makes it clear that their a yacht account. Their username says it all. The bio is simple and let’s us know that they post exclusive yachts daily.

TIP 1:  One suggestion I would make would be to find a more striking and brighter profile photo. Some excellent examples of bright attractive profile photos that stand out on your account (making your account look sexy) and not to mention stand out in peoples feeds are the colourful and bright ones from my other InstaWealth Growth System students @clubjetset & @ourspectacularearth or even simple yet striking ones like @batman_multiverse or @astormtrooperaday

Download a PDF version for this post.

TIP 2: I notice that there isn’t an alternative method to contact them in their bio (aside from sending an Instagram Direct Message), just a link to to another Instagram account in the URL. I would suggest setting up an email (remember never to use the same email you used to setup your account to keep your account hacker proof) and providing it on their bio so that they have an alternative method of reaching you as it adds a little professionalism to your brand.  When I reach out to Instagram accounts in order to do business (for myself or on behalf of my clients),  I always want to email them, I don’t DM people unless I have to, and even when I do I will ask for their email as I do all business by email, not DM. Doing business by DM or a Messenger is amateur and the amount of time I spend on my mobile device, the last thing I want to do is type out sentences to hash out a deal. Manage all your business on Email and you will have it accessible and easy to search when you need to!

Their follower to following numbers look ideal as well. I always bring it up, but it’s just so important to keep the accounts that you follow low. You want new visitors to your account to think that you have something worth following. You don’t need to follow other accounts just to get new followers. Be proud of your account and never act desperate for attention. This student is doing a great job of appearing confident in their content! When you see accounts that have 5k or 10k followers and they are following 2k or 3k or more you know they used the “follow me / follow you” method which is taught by other jokers and the apps that were used to automate this were banned, just as I predicted 6 months ago (even 1 month before Instagram made the announcement!).



Making A Splash With Creative Content

Drill this into your brain: content is king! Your content is what takes center stage on your account after all.  Instagram is completely visual and one of the top social media platforms out there right now for this very reason, people want their daily fix of stuff they like. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because Instagram is SO big right now, you have the potential to grow your brand or business like never before, but at the same time, the number of users are increasing exponentially every single day. According to Instagram’s website, there are 95 million posts uploaded daily. So the challenge is to learn to stand out. The content should speak for itself and grab your existing and new followers’ attention. If you’re looking for a little inspiration check out my blog post about creating diverse content.

Let’s see what @yachts_daily is doing with their content:
Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

Right off the bat, I can see that all of their pictures look high-quality and vibrant. This account is oozing with luxury and motivation for anyone dreaming of owning a yacht. Their content is definitely eye-catching and has me dreaming of owning a yacht myself. They have found their specific niche and certainly delivers with luxurious posts like these.

“Like” Worthy Posts

Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

The post above features a luxury cruise ship and the picture is stunning. Yachts_only primarily features other account’s photos but they do the right thing and give credit where credit is due. Always tag or mention where you get the photo from if you’re not using original content.

719 likes on a picture of an account this size isn’t bad at all (thats close to 10% engagement which is actually pretty insane – the average is about 1% on Instagram). With 46 comments that’s some pretty impressive follower engagement too. They didn’t even ask for any kind of interaction on this post, all of the comments came organically from their followers.

One thing about this post is that they mention their own account name at the beginning of the caption which seems unnecessary and just takes away from the rest of the caption.

TIP 3: also remember, Instagram still has a MAJOR iOS bug, which means you shouldn’t ever use any “CAPITAL” letters when spelling someones @username on Instagram. Make sure you read my blog post on this so you understand the issue and don’t make this mistake as this is still an issue. It’s complete amateur hour on Instagram as this bug was first noticed like 6-7 months ago and still hasn’t been fixed!


Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

On the post above we can see that they gave a call to action to their followers by asking them to rate the luxury yacht featured in the post. And again- note that they did credit to the photographer. This post is very deserving of the 824 likes it received as well as the 50 comments. This just goes to show you that an account of any size can grow quickly if they put out quality content.

Don’t Forget About Videos

Don’t forget that Instagram is constantly evolving and catering to the users allowing for creative content and new ideas. They really focused on video capability this last year which I talk about in this IG video blog post. If there is a way for you to incorporate videos into your account then go for it! It will stand out amidst the sea of static posts and the more you post the faster you’re videos will get into the rotation of the explore page “featured videos” where you can really get some incredible growth. (I explain step by step in depth in my InstaWealth Growth System how YOU can get your Photos & Videos into the explore page so you can grow like crazy!  This account used to have a video on their account that worked really well for them but they deleted it as of today-not sure why. I would suggest they start posting some videos of some luxury yachts to bring in some life to their account and also test how FAST videos will help them grow!

Setting The Standard High

It’s clear that this Wolf Millionaire student has taken my strategies and applied them well. Let’s take a quick look at some of Yachts_Only’s top posts on their accounts.

Their 4th most liked post is featured below with 1,744 likes and 43 comments. Impressive! The caption is good, they make a quick comment about the luxury yacht and include a call-to-action to get some engagement. Again- not sure why they tagged themselves in the caption. If they really want to have their account tagged to the post I’d suggest tagging the actual photo with their account name so it doesn’t show up in the caption. When their posts go viral, Instagram has already optimized their photos displayed/accessed from the explore page with a “FOLLOW” button at the top of the photo to make it easier and quicker for new people to follow your account.  Including too many hashtags or @usernames in your captions can really stunt and slow your growth, as I explain in depth in my InstaWealth Growth System videos!

Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

Their 3rd most popular post is the next with 1,834 likes and a handful of comments. Great caption describing the yacht itself. It’s cool to see how much this yacht cost and would be interested to see that on other posts as well. It also performed extremely well generating almost 30% engagement of their total following because of how crazy looking this yacht is.

TIP 4: Remember CONTENT IS KING. The HOTTER/CRAZIER the CONTENT, the MORE LIKES YOU WILL GET, and thus the more people will be inclined to follow you!

Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

Their 2nd most popular post is below with 2,019 likes and a handful of comments below. It’s definitely a cool picture and his followers think so too. Just look at that monster coming straight at you! Looks insane! And this is a great picture because it takes up the entire photo area. I explain in depth what photos will perform better than others which include composition, colors, brightness, clarity and saturation, so make sure you really listen to everything I mention in my advanced course, I really do tell you everything I know, you just have to watch, follow along and pay close attention to everything! I have some students that have watched my course a 2nd time through and messaged me telling me they learned even more the 2nd time thought. IT’s not that my teachings or Instagram is hard like rocket science, but there is a lot, and it’s the sum of every little trick and strategy that I know that when combined on a consistent post basis, that you will really start to see your account blossom and grow within 6-8 weeks! Stick with and just keep posting, there is no such thing as Insta-Success in life!

Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

And their most popular post on their entire account is posted below with a whopping 5,082 likes and 79 comments! Well done! This post is from an interesting perspective and really knocks it out of the park content-wise. Again, it’s cool to see how expensive this yacht is too. The engagement is great, people are tagging their friends and commenting which leads to more followers. People love these half above water and half below photos, I am seeing this a growing trend among the photographers and influencers who actually take these photos, they are cool looking and leave lots to the imagination, which is what people want to see on Instagram!

Quick Growth For Luxury Instagram Account

These posts show the potential that this account has. Obviously this student knows what their doing and has created some content that brought in some serious follower interactions. Yachts_Only’s followers visit this profile to see luxury yachts and they seem very happy with what they’ve been posting. For such a new account, this is really great growth and can only go up from here. They set a high standard for themselves with these amazing posts and I look forward to seeing more like this. On to your next big milestone and testimonial when you hit 25,000 followers my friend! Keep up the amazing work and just continue posting and tweaking with the tips I have set out above! You are going to be one of my top students in no time!

How About Some Hashtags?

Take note of their hashtag strategy. I always recommend Instagram accounts (especially those looking for growth) should take advantage of how hashtags work. They draw people in based off of common interests. So as this student uses the hashtag: #LuxuryYachts, anyone that’s been perusing that specific hashtag will be led to this account, they’ll probably like what they see and BAM- you’ve got yourself a new follower. Using a proper & highly targeted set of hashtags on your posts will also make the difference of growing at a snails pace vs at a rabbits pace (like this student is doing). I teach you all about the hashtags that work and don’t work and which ones you should be using and the ones you should NEVER use.  Also creating a special hashtag that isn’t used by anyone else would be smart too. Something unique that represents your account is good for building a following who might use your hashtag furthering your brand & business.

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you can see that all of my Wolf Millionaire students are diverse in what they use their Instagram’s for, but they all have found success in growing their accounts. Take note in what they are doing to gain followers and see how you can apply those techniques to your own Instagram.  Remember that not all Instagram accounts are going to grow at the same speed. IF you have a highly targeted niche account you are going to grow slower than an account that targets a high level niche. It doesn’t mean your targeted niche is any less valuable; if anything small highly targeted niche accounts continue to be more and more valuable as advertisers continue to find niche influencers to advertise with! So don’t get discouraged if you are growing slower with your account over someone who continuously posts regurgitated viral content just to grow fast. Follow your passions, that is the recipe for your long term success on Instagram with my InstaWealth Growth System! I can’t wait to feature your testimonial as my next successful student hitting your first, second or third major milestone! GET TO WORK!

Want to learn EVERYTHING I KNOW about INSTAGRAM in my 20+ Hours of STEP BY STEP video Guides but are simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly quick start your Instagram money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of the Instagram opportunity that will be raging for the next 5-7 years easily. More money for my students and I.  Did I mention I plan to by a Ferrari next summer to keep my brand NEW McLaren I purchased company in my garage? I dare you to doubt me on this, I love proving people wrong and I’ve been doing it since I started making a very healthy 6 figure annual salary simply by posting photos to Instagram.

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Half ass lazy students need not apply! 



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