Instagram Takeovers Best Practices

Instagram Takeovers Best Practices

Instagram takeovers best practices are something you need to learn if you want to keep your account safe. Wolf Millionaire provides his secret strategies on how to successfully & safely implement an Instagram takeover!

Instagram takeovers are not only an extremely fun way to provide your following with exciting new content from a prominent Influencer but is also an amazing way to boost your Instagram marketing efforts which is the real reason to use them. Check out some of my best practices to observe if you are thinking of doing one!

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Most people don’t realize how much money the Influencer marketing industry is generating. Several studies this year calculated Influencer Marketing Money to be a billion dollar advertising industry already…. YES you heard that correctly, a BILLION DOLLAR industry and it’s estimated to double to $2 Billion by 2019! If this doesn’t get you excited and interested in learning how to Instagram to make a living, then I don’t know if any opportunity ever will.

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Remember, shortly after I lost my job I only had 1 account with 700 followers. After testing and testing and testing Instagram to death (literally 18 hours a day for over a year), I figured out how to grow multiple accounts to generate advertising revenues (something YOU CAN DO) and have since launched multiple businesses all thanks to Instagram! After all theres a reason I’m known as the Wolf of Instagram, a name originally given to one of my most successful Instagram students by newspapers around the world!

Having an Influencer or Celebrity takeover your Instagram account is an amazing way to build an authentic endorsement for your brand or service! It establishes trust and shows your followers that the Influencer taking over your account trusts YOU and YOUR BRAND!

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Instagram Takeovers – What Are They?

Instagram takeovers are a fun way to change things up on your Instagram account while introducing new content from a celebrity or influencer in your niche! Looking back to Instagram’s Blog we see they first started to become prominent back in 2012.

An Instagram takeover is when you give someone else temporary access to your Instagram account in order for them to post photos or videos and Instagram Stories to your account. Anyone can host an Instagram takeover. Whether you have 100 followers or 10 Million followers, giving an influencer, celebrity or photographer/videographer access to post to your account for a specific duration can be so amazing for your brand, product and Instagram following.

Some of the most valuable Instagram takeovers I have seen over the last couple years usually involve big brands who allow Instagram Takeovers by a celebrity or Influencer from various industries like music, art, fashion, sports etc who align with their brand or target demographics.

Imagine if you sold performance car parts (like exhausts, suspension, turbos, wheels) and you had the chance to have Jay Leno or Magnus Walker or Salomondrin to take over your Instagram account for a full day posting a couple pictures and/or Instagram stories or even GOING LIVE on your account!?!? AMAZING!!

Now imagine if that Influencer who is taking over your Instagram account for a day tells all their followers that they will be running this performance car parts Instagram account for an Instagram takeover…. can you imagine how many of their followers would follow this performance car parts account let alone possibly purchase one of their products? This is the TRUE VALUE of Instagram marketing behind an Instagram Takeover.

The Devils Details: Given how thorough I am at making sure ALL my tips, tricks & strategies I teach in my InstaWealth Growth System are acceptable and within Instagram’s Terms of Use, I find it a little strange (and it could be the wording) that Instagram promoted Instagram takeovers back in 2012 while yet currently stating in their Terms of Use that “#4. You agree that you will not solicit, collect or use the login credentials of other Instagram users.

To me that reads pretty clearly that I should not be providing other people access to my accounts to perform Instagram takeovers, however if Instagram blogged about how General Electric and Burberry did this successfully years ago, then I’m going to side on the fact that it’s an acceptable practice, especially given how many BIG brands are doing so today!

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Instagram Takeovers – Best Practices

Before we jump in and hand over the keys (login and password) to an Influencer or Celebrity, we have to really think it through for a number of reasons from security to marketing value.  Observe these top Instagram Takeover Best Practices to ensure your takeover goes smoothly and brings your brand, product and followers TRUE VALUE! If you do, it’s going to be a magical WIN WIN for you, your followers and your Influencer!

  1. Establish goals & metrics. Most people get lost in the “coolness” factor of potentially having someone with a major following or celebrity appeal takeover their Instagram account. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Are you doing it just for fun because an opportunity presented itself to have someone prominent in your niche takeover your account? Are you doing it to drive awareness of NEW or existing products to drive sales? Are you doing it to promote a BIG event you are having? Are you doing it to simply grow your account? Having a clear set of goals written out prior to an Instagram takeover can help you and your influencer collaborate together to deliver a unique valuable experience for you, your followers and the influencer!
  2. Deciding Who’s Going To Takeover Your Account. An Instagram takeover doesn’t have to involve a celebrity or Influencer, I’ve seen extremely insightful takeovers completely by employees, super fans, colleagues or even prominent customers who rant and rave about your product or service! Remember, once you establish #1 above, it will help you decide on WHO you want to have to do an Instagram Takeover.
  3. What Type of Instagram Takeover To Host. Two of the most prominent Instagram features that Influencers use when taking over an Instagram account is Instagram Stories, Instagram Galleries and Instagram LIVE. Most accounts post 2-3 photos a day, and while it’s completely acceptable to have your Instagram Takeover Influencer post to your account, they are somewhat limited to keeping with the FIT & FEEL and posting schedule that you observer with your followers. Instagram stories, live and galleries offer your Influencer amazing opportunities to host LIVE Q&A’s, LIVE behind the scenes (concerts, events, day in the life etc), Stories disappear after 24 hours making an easy way for an Influencer to blast out a dozen or more stories posts without bombarding your followers feeds with photos or videos posts.
  4. Determine The Length & Timing of the Takeover. This one is pretty straight forward, you need to establish the start/stop time and any other details like how many posts, stories, photos vs videos, any rules the Influencer needs to observe so that everyone is on the same page. I suggest creating a one page Instagram Takeover agreement between you and the Influencer in order to set out all expectations on paper prior to the Instagram takeover. Other things to keep in mind. If your Influencer posts to your account, will they be responding to comments? If so for how long after the post is done? The devil is in the details if you want to host a successful Instagram takeover!
  5. Determining the Type of Takeover. Many Instagram takeover’s don’t require giving out your login and password to the Influencer but it does limit what they can do specifically with INSTAGRAM LIVE. If you don’t feel comfortable in sending out your Login/Password (which I don’t recommend not out of trust with the Influencer but in the method of getting your Login/Password to the influencer without any hiccups or hackers compromising the transfer) then you can have the influencer send you exclusive takeover photos, videos and stories posts which you can then post throughout the day. If you do want to give out full Login/Password takeover to your Influencer then I highly suggest you send them a mobile phone, with a SIM that is already logged into your account. This makes tremendous sense especially if you want to ensure the highest quality (send them an iPhone 7+ to make sure photos and videos are recorded in top shelf quality) and the safest way to ensure your password is never shared or leaked.
  6. Cross-Promote Prior To The Takeover. If possible both yourself and your Instagram Takeover Influencer should promote this takeover at least 1-2 weeks prior to the takeover event. This will allow enough time to properly build anticipation, excitement and for followers to make sure they are aware of the takeover times especially if there is a LIVE engagement sessions that many would want to be part of in real time.
  7. HAVE FUN!

Now that you’ve learnt some of the details to safeguard your Instagram account while also keeping a nice clean and clear objective on paper for you and your Influencer, it’s time to keep learning all my strategies!

If you let me, I will teach you everything you need to know STEP-BY-STEP so YOU can follow YOUR passions and copy what I have done, turning your Instagram play time into money making time!

Start by joining and watching my entire FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram webinar and as a thank you I will send you my updated FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide, filled with tips, tricks and strategies YOU can use NOW to start growing faster while connecting with others in your industry all over the world!

Happy Instagramming!

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