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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing has been the hottest strategy to grow sales for the last couple years. Wolf Millionaire shares some of his top secrets YOU can use today to maximize your Instagram marketing efforts to make more money!

Instagram marketing continues to be the hottest strategy for any brand, company or agency selling anything in the world to the high spending 18-34 demographic. However it continues to amaze me how many people approach Instagram marketing with the WRONG mentality and goals! Learn how to take the correct approach to Instagram Marketing so you can make the best use of your budget to maximize sales!

Did YOU know there are 9 AMAZING ways YOU could be making money with Instagram TODAY? The beautiful part of Instagram is you don’t need a business, product or service to make money! I didn’t have anything other than 1 little Instagram account with 700 followers shortly after I lost my job.

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Thanks to the countless hours I put in to figure out Instagram and make money posting photos, I now make a very high 6 figure annual income thanks to 30 Instagram accounts I’ve grown (The MadWhips Instagram Network) totalling over 18+ Million followers!

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I even have employees that run my Instagram Network 7 days a week while I play with McLaren as an Influencer and travel the world to major events with a solid gold Rolex on my wrist! Thats FREEDOM and it’s all thanks to my hard work killing it with my Instagram Marketing strategies!

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It’s all pretty simple once I explain how we’ve been turning our Instagram Play Time into MONEY MAKING TIME!  No matter what your passions are, Instagram can be an amazing money making app if you know how to use it properly! Stop wasting YOUR time & let me teach YOU everything I know STEP-BY-STEP!

Instagram Marketing 101: Why Most People FAIL

Thanks to the rise of social networks; specifically Instagram, there has never been a better time to advertise and market products & services to generate BIG SALES! There is SO MUCH MONEY to be made by using Instagram properly for everyone, even if you don’t have a product or service. It’s the most exciting time to be in social media because of the sheer number of people consuming content and being influenced to purchase “stuff” they see on Instagram!

The number 1 goal I hear day after day from new clients  and students with small Instagram followings is “I NEED MORE FOLLOWERS”. This is unfortunately the number 1 mistake I have to correct & explain when people hire me as an Instagram Marketing Specialist. Lets get the foundation of what you “NEED” straight….YOU don’t need more followers, YOU simply WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY or HAVE YOUR CONTENT VIEWED BY MORE PEOPLE and you have been brainwashed to think that YOU NEED followers to make this happen!

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sign up for my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar and start by LEARNING 9 great ways how YOU could be making money from Instagram, more than half don’t require you to even have a single follower!!

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People automatically think that MORE FOLLOWERS = MORE MONEY and while in short this is TRUE, the approach to marketing your products and services in order to MAKE THE MOST MONEY doesn’t require you to focus on gaining more followers.  What it does require you to do is to be better at Instagram Marketing strategies! Focus on implementing better more targeted strategies

Many Influencers, Brands & companies pride themselves on their social presence. The mentality is “Look at how many followers I have on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat etc”…. Some brands even consider themselves to be successful because of how many followers they have across the social media landscape. These same people obsess and compare their success to how many followers they have over their competition or in their niche. However when I look under the hood I see shitty followers that are not buying their products, engaging with their content and ultimately not brining in MORE MONEY!

While there is no doubt a close correlation between how many followers you have to how much money you can make with your Instagram channel, it ISN’T THE BE ALL END ALL. I have seen extremely successful and profitable companies make serious money with their account that has 10,000 followers and I have see other companies in the same space struggle to make HALF THAT MONEY with 100,000 followers or more. The secret of why the small account makes so much more money? They are using my InstaWealth Growth System to learn how to implement proper Instagram Marketing strategies to drive sales instead of focusing on how many followers they have or don’t have.

Instagram Marketing 102: HOW TO WIN

Most people are LAZY there’s no sugar coating that in life. If people weren’t lazy they wouldn’t be working for other people. Most marketers who have to answer to a boss or client are simply following orders. It’s not entirely their fault, it’s the industry’s fault that leads them to believe that more followers means SUCCESS in business. Instagram marketers pride themselves and are rewarded for growing followers. This is unfortunate because growing a companies Instagram account rarely result in noticeable bottom line profits!

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Instagram marketing specialists are usually tasked with “GROWING FOLLOWERS” and thats their mission. I have clients who try to hire me for that and I usually have to really pepper them with the same question for 10 minutes “WHY DO YOU WANT MORE FOLLOWERS”


  1. Increase my company, brand or product presence. This doesn’t require more followers, this requires a consistent budget & proper Instagram strategy. I’ve helped several brands launch their products from sunglasses to watches on Instagram without any prior business. They created a product, launched on Instagram and thanks to my strategies started selling their products, taking immediate profits and investing it BACK INTO Instagram Marketing to continue growing your brand and sales more and more each month! This is how you can achieve your first million dollars in sales in a couple years simply by using Instagram as your launch platform!
  2. Increase engagement. This can only be achieved by producing better content (not growing your following) to provide true value to your fans, followers & product champions in conjunction with a proper Instagram strategy. You also need to engage, respond to comments and ask your followers questions to drive TRUE ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT with your brand or product or service.
  3. Increase sales of an existing or new product or service. This is the biggest mentality I have to correct and educate clients on. Whether you’re a fortune 500 company or a small company that just launched your first product on Instagram, you really only need a couple thousand followers to have a nice little base presence to show off your product or service and get people to buy. Growing an Instagram account to a couple thousand followers for a product or service can be done in less than a couple months no matter WHAT PRODUCT or SERVICE you’re selling!
  4. Grow email marketing subscribers. Again you don’t need to have millions of followers to start collecting and marketing to highly targeted and relevant email subscribers, all you have to do is focus on providing value, something your followers are truly looking for and can’t find anywhere else! Do this and you will be more successful than companies 10x your size!
  5. Demonstrate company culture. You don’t need more followers to show off your company’s culture. Most companies simply want to showcase how fun of an atmosphere or culture they are part of in order to attract top talent who prefer to see what it’s like to be working for that company before they even entertain applying for a job!
  6. Penetrate new markets or steal market share from competitors. You definitely don’t need more followers for either of these two objectives. What you do need is a solid strategy to get your content, your brand, your product noticed by new markets by defining your target demographic and figuring out (by testing and testing) where to find your target demographics. Stealing market share from competitors also doesn’t require more followers, it requires you to go play and target followers and customers from your competition!

So now that you’ve hopefully watched my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar to learn how many different ways you can make money on Instagram, and read through this post to understand that YOU DON’T NEED MILLIONS of FOLLOWERS to drive sales, go back to the drawing board and really ask yourself what you are trying to achieve on Instagram because growing followers isn’t one of them.

Happy Instagramming!

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