Instagram Liars & Cheaters Exposed

By November 2, 2016Instagram News
Instagram Liars & Cheaters Exposed

Wolf Millionaire continues to expose all of Instagram’s Liars, Cheaters & Top Scams in order to keep you & your friends from getting ripped off by digital scum bags.

Make sure you read my recent post exposing FRAUD Instagram accounts that I had predicted months ago on my YouTube Channel because I was able to spot their FAKE Instagram followers & likes back in June 2016. I busted them for lying and cheating their advertising clients & some of my students out of money. Lots of people didn’t believe my prediction until Instagram deleted hundreds of thousands of followers from these liars & cheaters Instagram accounts on September 3rd. Just like that my 4th Instagram prediction was validated!

Like everything in life, liars and cheaters always get what is coming to them especially when there are wolves like me on the lookout to keep their Wolf Pack safe.  These same people who get caught lying and cheating are the same people that like to cry when they’ve been caught red handed! Don’t hate the player, hate the Instagram game, and your inability to play it properly.

It’s pretty hilarious when one of these liars & cheaters that I called out lost hundreds of thousands of fake followers that they had purchased to artificially grow their account to over a million followers simply so they could cheat people out of their hard earned money.

What is even more entertaining is when these liars and cheaters try to retaliate and talk shit about me to my friends, students and my advertising clients. Some people really never learn when to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and stop playing with fire. But like I said before, life always sorts these people out because karma really is a bitch.

When you are at the top of the Instagram money making food chain like I am, you encounter all kinds of interesting pathetic liars and cheaters. Make sure you check out how my students and I actually make money from Instagram if you want to know more. It’s actually really easy once you learn all the strategies I teach step by step.

An Interesting Advertising Inquiry

For example, I had a gentleman inquire about my advertising packages back in July (see email thread in photos below). Marke Lane was inquiring about advertising on my Instagram network to advertise his Fashion page @fashiontastic and a new clothing line he was going to launch.

Instagram Liars & Cheaters

Naturally I asked all my usual questions that I teach in my InstaWealth Growth System in order to get a better idea of what type of audience he wanted to target and what type of advertising he was interested in pursuing with my Instagram Empire of 18+ Million Real Followers.

After doing my homework, I realized that his account was a female fashion account, and a poorly run one with horrible #hashtags and zero credits given. This person definitely wasn’t using any of my tips, tricks & strategies I’ve laid out in my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide!

The first red flag, was that he wanted me to select photos from his female fashion account and post them on my highly male dominant automotive based Instagram accounts. Ummmmm OK?

Download a PDF versionof this post.

While I would have loved to have this person’s business, it just wasn’t a proper fit by any stretch of anyones imagination. So I emailed him back explaining that I had a highly male dominant audience and that I didn’t think it would be a great fit for him to advertise on my accounts.

I even offered to put him in touch with some incredible fashion accounts that I had a great relationship with and knew the owners personally where I know he would have been extremely well taken care of, and then never heard back from this person.

Now here’s the fun part. I love being able to almost predict and smell an asshole from a mile away. For some reason this inquiry just didn’t sound right. However I get all kinds of Instagram inquiries and advertising requests so I treat the wild ones as people not knowing any better. Given my extensive knowledge & mastery of Instagram, I enjoy the opportunity to educate anyone who comes knocking my way, even if I end up losing some business by being honest.

Marke Lane’s email logo was a rocket ship with the words “SkyRocket SEO Growth” and his signature said he was the CEO of his company. Interesting. Someone who is the CEO of a SEO growth company, was inquiring to advertise his female fashion line on a bunch of automotive Instagram pages? Something wasn’t making sense. So naturally I do some Googling and find absolutely NOTHING on this person or his SEO company. I never heard back from this person, so I paid it no further attention.

During the following weeks I exposed more and more Instagram Scams and Instagram accounts with Fake Followers & FAKE LIKES and I guess I must have really disturbed Marke Lane’s bee hive as I received an email from one of my clients from this VERY SAME PERSON (see image below) talking shit about me….BINGO…. all the asshole red alerts were now going off!

Liars & Cheaters on Instagram Exposed

Further Exposing This Liar & Cheater

Wan’t to know how I figured out that this clown was one of the FRAUD Instagram Accounts I busted? Well in his email he uses very very similar wording that I used (almost cut and paste) when I sent out an email to all my clients and students (some of whom were also getting ripped off by Marke Lane and others he conspires with). So when I saw very similar wording that I used in my email, being used in an email against me, I knew right away it was one of these Instagram liars & cheaters!

Do you think my clients paid any attention to his email? Lol, no they didn’t we had a good laugh as my Instagram network has grown dozens and dozens of personal accounts, business accounts, influencer accounts and major automotive brands Instagram accounts with incredible results during the last 2 years. Not to mention the level of service and value that I have brought to my clients given my Instagram knowledge has established my name as THE INSTAGRAM GURU. I’ve even helped more than a dozen clients recover their accounts after they were hacked.

Please READ: My Top Instagram Hacking Answers, to KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SAFE! I don’t see any other “Instagram GURU’s teaching you all these things to keep your account safe! All I want to do is teach you to avoid some of the pitfalls that others try to exploit. Instagram accounts are worth lots of money right now, so lets keep them safe!

So, lets quickly address Marke Lane’s email, because as you all know, since I launched my Wolf Millionaire brand and Instagram Strategies, I have been extremely transparent and honest about everything Instagram. The GOOD, the BAD, and the BRUTALLY HONEST TRUTH about the ups, downs & hiccups Instagram has experienced since it really started to take off a couple years ago.

Make sure you also read this important first post in a series of 3 posts I am going to do in order to full explain what I am going to briefly explain below: Instagram Growth Story – Part 1 What I will reveal in this 3 part article has never been revealed by anyone. Another gift from me to you in order to educate you so you know exactly what is going on with Instagram!

Marke Lane claims that because a couple of my major accounts that I have been posting 14-16 posts to a day for 2+ years was loosing some followers daily, that my accounts were full of fake users.  Thats funny, on Sept 3rd when Instagram deleted hundreds of thousands of his FAKE followers, I didn’t experience any kind of follower drop off whatsoever. Make sure you visit my YouTube Channel and watch all the videos I have done on SCAMMERS & FAKE ACCOUNTS to avoid losing money to these liars & cheaters! I have also done several in depth reviews on my students accounts explaining what they are doing right and how they could improve!

Marke also neglects to mention that other major accounts that have been around for 2-3 years and raking in money by posting 14-16 posts a day in my automotive niche are also experiencing a crazy random decline in growth along with spurts of growth and follower decay.  He claims to have “Instagram Gurus” at his company, hahaha  WHAT COMPANY? You don’t own a company nor can I find anything about you online. Some people will say anything to make themselves feel better about their failure in life especially after they lost hundreds of thousands of fake followers when I called him out for being a liar & cheater!

My friends and I are making so much money posting ads we are bound to lose followers as Instagram updates it’s algorithm to reward smaller pages (without advertising) over us larger pages who have millions and millions of followers. Instagram isn’t exactly thrilled that us major influencer accounts in every single niche have been making bank on their platform while they don’t get a penny of it. And you know what, Instagram should be kissing our asses because without accounts and people like me posting all these amazing photos, no one would be using their platform which is filled with nothing but selfies and self proclaimed models (escorts looking for sugar daddies)

This is why there is STILL so much opportunity for YOU to start your Instagram page from scratch now!

This is the exact same algorithm change that Facebook implemented about 4-5 years into their growth stage with their major fan pages years ago. It slowed the growth of MAJOR Accounts while accelerating the growth of smaller pages to keep people interested in their platform!

My top students who only post 3-4 posts a day, while using all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Strategies are growing 500-3000 followers a day! Obviously I know what I am doing otherwise I wouldn’t have so many successful students & advertising partners continuing to kill it on Instagram from Stock Traders, Sunglass Companies, to Watch Companies and Wheel Companies, Race Car Drivers, Tuning Companies, Automotive Dealers the list goes on and on and on. Reach out to any of these companies or read the testimonials below if you want to truly see how I am regarded in my clients eyes!

AmazingMotors247 Student Testimonial

I absolutely LOVE hearing from my students as they master Instagram by following my strategies and growing their own successful Instagram accounts in many different niches!

Some of my most successful students who started from scratch continue to KILL IT even as Instagram adjusts it’s algorithm during the last 4-6 months: votrends, royalwhips, luxuryspotlight, clubjetset, foodistsocial,, definingluxury, amazingmotors247, tourtheplanetamazeperformance, pupsandpjs, yachts_only, astormtrooperaday, mensluxuryx and hundreds more!

Wolf Millionaire Success Student Testimonial

My strategies have even helped established pages that have been around longer than me make MORE MONEY: carlifestyle, theglobewanderer, hairstylesmenn & @tourtheplanet to name a few! Big accounts on Instagram don’t look down to me, they consult with me!

CarLifestyle Instagram Testimonial

You can read all my STUDENT TESTIMONIALS on my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram Account. I post 2-3 a week and have been for almost a year now! I have nothing to hide, I have explained all of my Instagram Secrets in my InstaWealth Growth System which my students are mastering month after month!

Quick Peek At More Numbers, For Comparison Sake

Lets take a deeper look at these following accounts that I personally have known for over 2 years who originally helped me grow my first couple accounts: @CarInstagram, @CarsWithoutLimits, @Motor_Head_ Interesting to see all of our long term follower growth graphs have been pretty flat for the last 4-6 months (not to mention our very consistent growth curves over the last 2 years proving organic growth) and even these accounts are experiencing weird growth and follower loss from week to week.  Keep in mind we all used to be growing at 3000-7,000 followers a DAY!

CarInstagram Growth & Loss of Followers

October 2016, my Instagram Empire still GREW by over 250,000 followers!

I don’t care if a couple of my accounts lose followers daily. I’ve explained this from the start, my top 5 accounts are the ones I use for advertising purposes and account for over 9 Million of my 18+ Million followers, my smaller accounts that I only post 6 posts to a day without any SPAM or ADS like @madwhips_pag, @madwhips_gtr and @madwhips_italian to name a few are still growing daily! I’ve been raping Instagram since I started and my original goal was to make money while finding that perfect balance of growth. I have over 18+ Million REAL followers that I have grown across 30+ accounts, so what if I am loosing a couple hundred followers a day!

Here’s What Some of My Advertising Partners Say About Me & Wolf Millionaire Strategies

I began a business relationship with Anthony when it was close to impossible to find reliability and professionalism in the realm of influence marketing on Instagram. The utility of his services became clear in the first few weeks of collaboration. His greatest strengths are born of his ability to see the big picture for not only his business, but also the businesses he works with. I have come to admire his willingness to make informed suggestions that assure a better outcome for everyone. He’s become an integral part of the brands I represent, and I trust our collaboration will continue far into the future. I highly recommend him on behalf of myself, and the brands I represent.

Alex Hodges – EKKO MEDIA for @LexaniOfficial


From the first time I was introduced to Anthony Carbone via email, I could sense the professionalism in which his company was run at. We first reached out to Anthony to help us grow our online presence and reach more of a global market. Being in the high end automotive customizing category there is a very specific clientele that we needed to reach and appeal to and Anthony – through his various channels – has managed to get our brand in front of just the right demographic. Partnering up with Anthony and his various marketing channels was a perfect fit for our company and brand during the last 8 months. His reach is not only one of the biggest online but the quality of his referrals is far greater than anyone else we have worked with. At the end of each month you receive a printed statement of what images were posted and how many fans they reached – no one else does that! It gives us great insight as to what images we might need to post moving forward and even helps us predict what viral reach the post might receive. Overall we could not be happier with Anthony and we look forward a long term relationship moving forward.

Dani Freedman – @ButlerTire


Anthony’s strategies helped me generate $332,640 in 3 months from Instagram.

Neil Patel – , ,



I found Anthony on the Internet while looking for Instagram accounts that could help in advertising our brand Ceramic Pro. After the first contact through emails, we added each other in WhatssApp messenger and became good friends. Today we are officially working together for over 12 months. Anthony always does his work as a real professional and gives a high attention to details. Good advices from Anthony can be heard every day! Our company is grateful to have him on board and will continue our cooperation to advancing the Ceramic Pro brand on Instagram!

Artem Kuchakov – @CeramicPro_Official


Right when I started working with Anthony, I saw my income from Instagram dramatically increase.

Sara Underwood – @saraunderwood


I work with a lot of people on online and Anthony Carbone most definitely stands out from the crowd with his true professionalism, knowledgeable digital skills and a sincere desire to please. His sincerity and pride in his work comes across in his work ethic and all of our correspondences. Beverly Hills Car Club consider ourselves very lucky to have been referred to him & his Instagram strategies which have helped us grow our company’s presence globally (and our Instagram account from 30k to 200k in 8 months).

Tiffany Iaia – @BeverlyHillsCarClub @MrAlexManos


With a rapidly growing social media marketplace it’s very difficult to find skilled companies or individuals who can truly deliver digital marketing results in the automotive vertical. Anthony has proven himself to be extremely knowledgeable and available at moments notice when it comes to managing our Instagram campaigns. He goes above and beyond by optimizing and delivering our marketing campaigns during prime times to ensure we get the most return on our budgets. Anthony is extremely professional, reliable and his work ethic stands out above anyone we’ve worked with on Instagram.

Mike Tran – @JDMbrand


Thanks to Anthony Carbone’s Instagram strategies, our company’s Instagram account @ToyzAutoArt has received a lot of attention as we grew from 20k-100k followers in 6 months resulting in new business from around the world. Anthony’s professionalism and in depth digital marketing knowledge has helped us sharpen our company’s image and reach by increasing our posting quality and engagement which has resulted in consistent growth every month. I would highly recommend working with Anthony to get the exposure and expertise he can deliver to your business’ Instagram presence.

Avo Aboulian – @ToysAutoArt


I’ve always been looking to grow my social media following, but Instagram has far and away become my #1 most popular network, 300-600% bigger than anything else only because I’ve listened to Anthony and followed his advice and techniques for which I’m eternally grateful. I already have a few millionaire students, but I’m always looking for more dedicated students and thanks to Anthony I now have over 750,000 Instagram followers, many of whom have become great students so I cannot thank him enough…listen to what he says and you’ll do well!

Timothy Sykes – @TimothySykes


I have been working with Anthony for just over 2 years now and he is, hands down, the man to talk to if you want to grow your following or expand your reach to a targeted niche or vertical audience. Anthony understands how important exposure is for a new business and he helped get my product seen by millions of people in various niches, which was crucial during the successful launch of Boosted Shades. His knowledge of automotive marketing, social media influencing, and ability to create high quality content helped me shatter my monthly sales goals. My business has a healthy 6 figure following, and earned 7 figure of sales revenues in 2 years all thanks to Anthony and his Instagram strategies.

John Hill –


I have consulted and worked with Anthony & his massive Instagram network for over a year now. You simply cannot find a more genuine & knowledgeable digital marketer than Anthony. His extensive knowledge of the various social media networks always keep him ahead of the curve as social networks continue to evolve. Anthony understands that importance of constantly re-adjust ad tactics in order to deliver outstanding results for our various campaigns. He is a very trustworthy individual and has always gone above and beyond our expectations while constantly providing value and insights. We are very grateful for the reach that his network has helped Savini target to grow our market share in a highly competitive marketplace.

Tony Madrigal – @SaviniWheels


There is a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram, and work with people like Timothy Sykes, Sara Underwood, and Neil Patel get with the program! All I want to do is TEACH YOU how to do the same. It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is take the first step and signup for my InstaWealth Growth System just like all the other successful students I keep posting updates about. The longer you wait to start, the more money is out there for my current students. ITS EASY MONEY, if you put forth a solid effort with my strategies just like all my successful students!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren 540c

Remember to do your homework and Google all these so-called “self made” people on Instagram or online period. Almost all of them are trust fund babies or kids that are stunting the lifestyle that they can’t afford just to sucker you in to their MLM. Most are now selling you their fake “$10,000 a month money making program” that they claimed to have just started earning out of now where.

If you got the money, then prove it.  If you were actually making that kind of money, you’d have a Brand New McLaren & Brand new Solid Gold Rolex, not to mention taking fun creative photos with over $100,000 CASH, that I have rewarded myself for all the hard work and success that I have EARNED by grinding away and growing my Instagram Empire with my strategies during the last 2+ years ever since I lost my job 3 years ago!

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Brand New McLaren


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