Instagram Gallery Makes Me More Money

By February 23, 2017Instagram News
Instagram Gallery Feature Makes Money

The Instagram Gallery feature is finally here! Wolf Millionaire explains how Instagram’s NEW GALLERY feature for photo & video can help you make more money! The gallery feature was only available for advertisers up until today. Read below on how to use it to make money!

Instagram gallery feature was just released today on iOS and Android! It is a very exciting and powerful feature for us Instagram account owners because it allows people consuming Instagram photos or videos to spend more time on your account checking out your Instagram gallery posts! No longer do you have to post

What is Instagram Gallery?

The NEW Instagram Gallery feature is very similar to Instagram stories. The Instagram gallery feature allows us post and share up to 10 photos or videos or a mix while only taking up 1 post in peoples feed, as well as 1 post on your Instagram account. It’s a very slick and clean feature finally rolled out to everyone! This feature was first tested and used with Advertisers who wished to have more than 1 photo or video to try and sell you their product or service, again keeping the experience clean and simple with 1 post, but allowing you to further explore their product or service by looking through their ad gallery of photos or videos.  I have tested it several times today and it works very smoothly on both mobile platforms. It allows you to select up to 10 Images or Photos, perform a quick edit on them, re-order them, tag people in them (photos only) and then post them to your account.

Download a PDF version for this post.

Instagram Gallery Example

Make Money With Instagram Gallery

Why has Instagram now allowed us to use their gallery feature? It’s very simple. Instagram continues to dominate the social media landscape as the hottest social network out there. Yes Instagram is killing Snapchat, and even with Snapchat QR codes make me more money on Instagram and rolling out this gallery feature to everyone once again solidifies their TOP STATUS! I told you all this years ago, but most of you are lazy and decided to just sit around and watch my students and I continue to kill it on Instagram.

Instagram Gallery Wolf Millionaire

Thanks to the 18+ Million followers I have across 30 some Instagram accounts (lazy people like you) who do nothing but consume media and buy things online (thank you for making my clients and me very rich), I’ve been able to hustle on Instagram and make a very healthy 6 figure Income every single year!

Yes you heard that right! I bought a brand new McLaren last year, and a beautiful solid gold Rolex submariner, not to mention a $20,000 designer sneaker collection (which grows every month) to reward myself for taking action on the hottest social media opportunity out there!

Instagram continues to make my clients, my students and I money every single day, and the best part?? Most of you don’t even realize how lucrative the Instagram world really is! Most of you think this is all bullshit. Well keep thinking that, more money for my students and I to earn from our efforts growing accounts and selling advertising! BOO YAH

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Gallery

If you curious to see just a fraction of my Instagram Gallery strategies at work, go to and SIGN UP for my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide which is filled with tips, tricks & strategies that you can start using right now to see better Instagram results (likes, followers and comments) literally OVERNIGHT. Don’t take my word for it, take the student testimonials and reviews that I post every single week.

If you’re not convinced that my InstaWealth Growth System actually teaches you EVERYTHING I know about Instagram STEP-BY-STEP, then I don’t want your lazy ass as one of my students. I only want hustlers who recognize this opportunity and are willing to follow their passions and make money posting photos & videos to Instgram. You stick with your wicked awesome 9-5 cubicle rat race job and your manual labour (both of which I have experienced and do not miss), I’m going to keep making money posting to Instagram poolside here in Miami. (Oh did I mention I moved to Miami for the winter to enjoy my life during the harsh cold shitty weather we get back home in Toronto?)

Wolf Millionaire Poolside Miami

Why Use Instagram Gallery

Lets be honest nobody truly enjoys seeing you post 5-10 photos from some event in your life (no matter how exciting you think it is), whether it’s you out partying, your cat or pet doing something stupid (or cute) or highlights from some concert or sports event.  I personally can’t stand it when I see the the same person I am following spam my feed with more than 1 or two posts in a given hour (let alone day) And heaven forbid we post all that those AMAZING memories from your AMAZING event to Instagram Stories because it will disappear after 24 hours leaving you with nothing but a memory and no proof of whatever awesomeness you felt the need to share with your followers and the rest of the world.

Today I tested Instagram Gallery feature with a Video as the first thumbnail and photos afterwards on @Wolf_Millionaire as you can see below. Unfortunately at this time Instagram Insights are not available for us for these Gallery posts, but I can assure you they will soon!

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Gallery Video & Photo

Instagram Gallery Wolf Millionaire

How To Make Money with Instagram Gallery

So you want to know HOW this Instagram Gallery feature will make me more money? Well it’s simply one more channel (or product as I call it) within Instagram that I can leverage to insert one of my advertisers ads! Imagine posting a very viral image or video for the first gallery item, then the 2nd or 3rd is an AD with a call to action or a tag for another account. People will pay you for this type of AD placement. It’s very similar to how I Make Money with Instagram Stories Mentions but again, it’s seperate so it’s one more channel I can use and monetize, and it’s also permanent unlike Instagram stories which dissapear after 24 hours giving your advertisers more chance to be seen if you use the proper hashtag strategy I explain in my InstaWealth Growth System

I will be adding an entire section of how to properly create engaging Instagram Gallery posts in my InstaWealth Growth System after I continue to test it, like everything I do before I teach you STEP-BY-STEP what the best way of using Instagram is to follow your passions and make money!

So you ready to FINALLY jump on board the Instagram Money Making Train? Pick a niche or area you are PASSIONATE about and all the work you will put into growing your following, networking with other accounts and engaging with your followers will feel LIKE PLAY!!! I like making money when I PLAY, YOU SHOULD TOO!

Do you actually have 1-2 hours a day to put in your best effort? If you do, start by downloading my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide, read all my FREE blog posts, and watch all my FREE YouTube Videos. I don’t see anyone else out there providing you with WEEKLY tips, tricks & strategies all for FREE, not to mention the deal of the century to LEARN EVERYTHING in my 22+ hour STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video guides. Life is all about choices. You can be a poor slave all your life, or you can stop being lazy and take advantage of the hottest digital opportunity out there and let ME TEACH YOU EVERYTHING. YOU just have to PUT IN SOME WORK.

I’m going out for my nightly rip in my McLaren which I daily drive here in Miami 6500 miles and counting in less than 7 months YAAAAAAA!

Happy Instagramming!

McLaren Selfie

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