Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Internet


Instagram is constantly growing and adapting to the changes of how it’s users are using it. Now more than ever, people are digesting smaller amounts of information on mobile phones which a focusing photos & videos. Well, this is perfect for Instagram, and the reason that Instagram blogs are over taking traditional blogs as the Internets hot new popular trend.  As I’ve said before, I will re-iterate again, Instagram blogs continue to grow as the hottest NEW blogging platform and it’s still in its infancy.  Right now, you can launch an Instagram account (or three) in a niche where you are passionate and knowledgeable, grow a massive and loyal following and within 6 months to 1 year be making serious money from it.

This Instagram blogging opportunity is no different than when people first started to create blogs on the web. Those who stuck with consistent blogging during the early years of the web have come to make hundreds of thousands of dollars following and writing about their passions in less than a couple years.  This is the same opportunity staring you in the face which requires even less effort and time, all thanks to Instagram being the hottest social network on the planet right now!

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Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters (~300 words), which is shorter than a traditional blog(500-800 words), but still gives plenty of space for an insightful blog post from your mobile device anywhere in the world. You can even link to another web page if you’ve got more to say, but your Instagram blog is a perfect snapshot of how good things come in small packages. Lets take a look at some very successful people blogging on Instagram in order to help you find some creative ideas for you to create your own Instagram blog!

Instagram Blogs: Kirstenalana

 Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Internet

Travel photographer Kirsten Alana posts snapshots of her ventures across the globe, and they’re stunning. They’re also accompanied by mini stories of her travels, taking her blog to the next level and turning it into an Instagram blog. The entries also link back to her expanded blog, a perfect way to merge the two mediums of Instagram and traditional blogging.

Instagram Blogs: therock

Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Internet

Yeah, you read that right – The Rock is somewhat of a prolific Instagram blogger. His more lengthy Instagram captions match the word count of any blog, talking about everything from his adventures on the beach, his dogs, to his workout regime. You’ll want to follow and read up on his latest travels.

Instagram Blogs: CateButler

Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Internet

Cate Butler combines breakfast and books for a blog that can’t be missed, her elongated captions detailing whatever delicious meal her morning entails and her impressions on the latest novel she’s reading. You’ll want to curl up with a good book, or maybe just her blog, after checking her Instagram out.

Instagram Blogs: carzi_com

Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Internet

Carzi’s got the Instagram blogging game down to a science as you would come to expect from me. Their pictures contain portions of the blogs themselves, then link to the full article on the website, a perfect marketing strategy. This blog is basically any gearhead’s dream, and is a perfect example of how Instagram melds the art of blogging and pictures together perfectly.

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Now that you’ve seen it, make your own Instagram blog.

You know how to take the greatest pictures and how to use hashtags to leverage your followers, so now you can get to Instagram blogging. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to say, then there’s a few surefire ways to narrow the focus of your blog and get people excited about your content.

1. Be You

True, there’s probably no more cliched advice out there than this, but there’s a reason for that. When you create genuine, unique content that captures your voice, people will automatically gravitate towards it. Consider even creating your own personal hashtag to put an even more one of a kind touch on your Instagram blog.

2. Words paint a thousand pictures

Instagram is definitely all about great visuals. But when you’re trying to create a compelling blog, words are every bit as important as that stunning picture you’ve captured. It almost goes without saying, but double and triple check your writing to make sure it’s typo-free.

3. Play Some Games

A great way to get your blog off the ground is to have a contest or two. Boost your engagement by catering contests to your content. If you’ve got a travel blog, for example, you could tell your readers to tag ten of their friends for a chance to win a cool new travel kit. With a lifestyle blog, you could encourage people to write their best captions on a funny picture and get featured in an upcoming post-  it’s all up to you to be creative and drive views with interactive content.

4. Get a Little Help

Add some diversity to your Instagram blog post by incorporating a guest into your blog posts. Again, you can get creative with how you choose to use this method. Interview format always makes for consumable content in the form of a question and answer blog post. Or, you can get another author to take over your post for the day, which will double the amount of eyes on your post, as you’re interacting with both their followers and yours. If you’ve got talented friends, take advantage of it and invite them along for the ride with your blog.

5. Stay On Your Hashtag Game

Just because your captions are longer than traditional captions if you’re going the blogging route doesn’t mean you have to skip out on using hashtags. On the contrary, in longer posts you can spread the use of hashtags out more so it doesn’t look cluttered. Nail down a few specific hashtags you’d like to include in your post and work them into your blog accordingly.

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