Instagram Automation – Frequently Asked Questions

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Instagram automation FAQ

Instagram automation strategies must be used carefully. Wolf Millionaire provides answers to the most frequently asked questions to keep your account safe.

Instagram automation strategies cover a very wide array of tools to help reduce the time required to post to Instagram. I’ve also highlighted why some Instagram strategies shouldn’t be automated like Organic Comments VS Automated Comments which IS A MUST READ. Whats the point of putting all this time into your passions growing an Instagram account just to be sloppy and automating things that could lead your account getting suspended or disabled by Instagram. Take the time to read all my FREE Instagram blog posts & Wolf Millionaire YouTube Videos.

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Instagram Automation FAQ

Question: What Instagram automation programs does Wolf Millionaire use to be more efficient using Instagram?

My TOP 3 Instagram automation apps are: Swiftkey, Google Keep, Dropbox. When combined your Instagram automation stack begins to transform and reduce time required to do Instagram tasks. Less time using Instagram, results in more money because you can be more efficient with your time chasing advertising dollars than you can fiddling and playing with Instagram unnecessary!

Swiftkey: I use Swiftkey because it sync’s what you teach it to the cloud through my gmail and can be used on my Android Pixel XL & iOS iPhone 7+ devices (yes I carry one of each). Swiftkey learns my keystrokes (and ones I teach it – from username to phrases and emoji suggestions) to add accurate suggestions (reducing actual key typing time by 75%) for any typing from texting, emailing and specifically Instagramming.

Google Keep: I use Google Keep which is Gmail web based app for note keeping. Again because I can write out captions for new client campaigns on my laptop in order to make them look/reaad a certain way. Then I can access those captions easily across either of my Android or iOS devices.

Dropbox: This is a no brainer if you don’t yet have a Dropbox account, sign up and sync your photos. I use the dropbox for photo backup on my Android because I like the gallery experience better and the laptop and other devices sync ability with the Dropbox app. However when I use iOS I use Apple Photos which sync’s straight to my laptop and other iOS devices which make it nice to access all the content you take on iOS in one spot. Dropbox mobile is great although the thumbnails are small, they still provide the cleanest visual way of going through photos to post directly when accessing from Android Instagram. iOS has the security drawback of not being able to access Dropbox directly from within the iOS Instagram app. iOS users must take the extra step to use the Dropbox app, select the photo or video, export it to your camera roll, then it’s available to use in iOS Instagram app. Thats a lot of unnecessary typing and one of the main reasons I prefer my Android Pixel XL as my daily driver power horse for mobile grinding!

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Question: What is the best Instagram Auto Posting app?

There is only 1 app I trust and have used that complies with Instagram Terms of Use. It’s my friends Mike’s Instagram Auto Posting app I have been testing for months, on months and using successfully to auto post photo & video on some of my Instagram accounts & clients. It’s super EASY to use! I will be adding a STEP-BY-STEP video guide in my InstaWealth Growth System to walk my advanced student through all the important features.

Try this Instagram Auto Posting app FREE for for 14 days. Cancel any time! I personally met Mike, the Founder when his company (a startup studio in the UK)  visited my business incubator (DMZ at Ryerson University in Toronto) and we talked everything Instagram & Web. I’ve been using it ever since 🙂

Question: Is Instagram Auto Posting allowed by Instagram?

✅ Yes. My favorite Instagram Auto Posting App posts to your Instagram account using the Official Instagram app! This is allowed by Instagram Terms of Use (ToU). This app I have been using DOES NOT use the Instagram private API and never will. All the companies in the past that used the Instagram private API to to perform Instagram Auto Posting got shut down and all the accounts that used them got banned.

Question: Will it post to Instagram for you?

✅ Yes. My favorite Instagram Auto Posting app posts to Instagram using the official app running in their secured cloud servers. They DON’T USE the Instagram private API to post which all other programs to and will result in your account getting banned. The one I use is safe and secure to use!

Have a great day, stay positive and keep pushing forward one day after another!

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