Instagram Auto Posting Secrets Revealed

Instagram Auto Posting

Instagram Auto Posting is definitely a must have app that can post your IG photos & videos automatically for you. Wolf Millionaire releases one of his biggest auto posting secrets!

Instagram auto posting is a website and mobile app that helps you post your Instagram photos & videos on a set day and set time. Yes this Instagram Auto Posting App can fully schedule and post directly to your Instagram account without you having to select a photo, swipe a notification or even hit the post button when you want to post a photo or video! Yes this helps me save a lot of time 🙂

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Instagram Auto Posting

My favorite Instagram auto posting app (it’s actually the ONLY ONE I use & trust) helps me create, plan, schedule & post to Instagram automatically. It helps me be more efficient with my time as I no longer physically need to post on my phone at a scheduled time. I’ve been using this app since they launched and have been secretly testing it with multiple accounts and clients to make sure it was safe & reliable to use! This isn’t an app I just want to promote, I am NOT getting paid to promote this app, I just want to share with you as it’s really helped me live an even more balanced life because I spend less time on my phone automating some of my Instagram posting duties for my top clients.

The company and app I use are friends of mine and their company DOES NOT use the private Instagram API to post for you which means they are fully inline with Instagram’s Terms of Use! There aren’t any other apps out there that I would trust using, than this one that my friend Mike built. I met the team behind this amazing time saving app when their small company from the UK came to visit my business incubator in Toronto! Looks like the universe wanted us to connect and so we did!


Wolf Millionaire Money

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Auto Posting Account Growth

Lets get back to Instagram Auto Posting! I run a company ( I started years ago, but it didn’t blow up until I lost my job 3 years ago and mastered how to drive web traffic and make money using Instagram! I go in depth about this journey in my FREE 35 page Instagram guide that I will send you after you’ve watched and listened to my NEW FREE WEBINAR!

My massive MadWhips Instagram Network of over 30 Instagram accounts and 18+ Million followers requires daily human posting. My team of employees that run all my MadWhips Instagram accounts, source the hottest photos from what has been uploaded to and then they post them while tagging and giving the photographer credit to help grow their photography brand, company or simply to help them get more exposure in the exotic car world.

If I could train robots to determine what is a “hot/viral” exotic car photo my employees would be out of a job, but for now it’s all done by eye and from what I have taught my employees.

However I still help manage new & existing clients accounts, and introducing them to this Instagram auto posting app enables them to spend more time making money, and less time worrying about what to post every day.

Auto Posting Schedule

Instagram Auto Posting Helps Me:

1. Organize & Schedule my Instagram Posts

I can quickly and easily upload images or videos via my favorite Instagram auto posting app!

You can also crop, filter, add captions, emojis and EVEN posts your first comments for you to stuff my BEST HASHTAGS for Instagram Growth.  Simply, upload a photo or video by dragging and dropping the file from your computer (or Apple iOS app), choose your post date & time add your caption and hit SCHEDULE! This app will then POST FOR YOU at the specified and set time!

2. Auto Posting my Content

Unlike other Instagram Scheduling apps out there (like my top trusted: Hootsuite or Later) with my favorite Instagram auto posting app you don’t have to deal with “reminders” or “push notifications” for you to swipe and then hit “POST” in Instagram!

This amazing app posts FOR ME using the official Instagram app on a cloud based Android phone (this is the secret sauce) that if you know computers or programming, then you’ll know why I USE THIS APP, because is completely LEGIT and fully inline with Instagram’s Terms of Use. Think of them like a robot social media intern, with very fast thumbs.

3. Post Consistently

Well crafted, planned and automated Instagram posts keep your followers happy, keeps your personal Influencer exposure consistent. Remember, while CONTENT IS KING, CONSISTENCY IS QUEEN. This is true across any Social Media Platform. Instagram has been the slowest Social Network every to allow it’s users to auto post or schedule posting in their app. They don’t do this because they don’t want their social network turning into another Facebook or Twitter where everyday BILLIONS and BILLIONS of useless, it’s white noise posts are made on an auto posting mode which just floods the network and our feeds with BULLSHIT!

No matter where I am, what I am working on, or what timezone or country I am visiting. This app will keep on delivering and posting your scheduled posts for you! This app is trusted by 4000+ brands in more than 55 countries.

Auto Posting Setup

For those of you who are curious about how I run my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account. It’s simple. 99% of my photos are taken on my iPhone 7+ or Android Pixel XL, 100% of the posts were all accomplished by my finger pushing “POST” on Instagram.

Personal Insight: My favorite time to post is right when I wake up around 9am as it forces me into a POSITIVE & INSPIRATIONAL THINKING mode (a must for any entrepreneur). It forces me to on the spot quickly fire up my brain and the right mindset to attack the day. I enjoy the challenge and exercise of crafting a motivational, inspirational or insightful post pairing it with a photo I have taken and usually relates to my life and experiences as an entrepreneur as an Instagram Influencer.

Monterey McLaren Monday

Why I DIDN’T release this secret?

Because I wanted to use it for months on months on months to ensure that it was LEGIT before going to reveal one of my biggest secrets simply to HELP YOU MAKE BETTER USE OF YOUR TIME! Don’t forget to to and use this time saving auto posting app for FREE TRIAL!

Now that I’ve completed my rigorous testing, I am comfortable sharing it, because Mikes company and app is ALSO trusted by 4000+ brands in more than 55 countries which is a lot of people saving a lot of time and money!

This app lets me spend less time worrying about posting at specified consistent times and allows me to spend more time going after Instagram advertising MONEY!

Happy Instagram Auto Posting Wolf Pack!

Wolf Millionaire Turks & Caicos

For those of you still reading and actually value what I have to have, here are just a few of the Web/Apps that violated Instagram’s terms of service and were shut down over the past year, with many users at risk of losing their accounts: Instagress, Instaplus, Sound Juice, IGFamous, Archie, Fan Harvest, No Worries, Follow Social, Instadub, Social Hawk, Mass Planner, GramFeed, Mixagram, Fastfeed, Padgram. For the most part, I predicted all of this in my InstaWealth Growth System which was originally filmed while everyone was using those apps to grow garbage pail Instagram accounts.

If I don’t use a specific app or service it’s for a damn good reason. Make sure you’re using the safest and best apps to grow & make money on Instagram.

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