Hottest Cities To Get Instagram Likes

By November 15, 2017Instagram News
Hottest Cities for Instagram

Hottest cities for LIKES? Wolf Millionaire helps you understand where you should vacation to maximize LIKES for Instagram Influencers.

Hottest cities for Instagram Influencers to get maximum likes doesn’t always need to be somewhere tropical. However lets be honest, surreal photos of crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand and sun kissed skin is what our overly narcissistic social media lives are filled with. If not yours, most definitely your feed is full of them.

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Wolf Millionaire in Miami

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Hottest Cities For Instagrammers

Presently, there are about 78 million American Instagram users. It would be reasonable to assume that the highest concentration of those users, and of Instagram posts, occurs in the biggest U.S. cities. Dense urban populations are more likely to use a service like Instagram given that internet resources and modernization are higher in these spaces than they would be in more rural communities or smaller cities.

It’s of little surprise that the two most Instagrammed American cities are New York and Los Angeles. The third city on that list, however, is maybe somewhat surprising given its population: Miami. There’s a reason I vacationed down to Miami last winter to escape the winter in here in Toronto.

While New York and L.A. have virtually everything an Instagram user could want, I still pick Miami as the winner because of it’s beach focused and very Instagram friendly views.

New York is arguably the cultural center of the planet, with countless world-class restaurants (dozens of which are Michelin starred), the hottest fashion scene on the globe, some of the world’s most recognized museums and galleries, and endless stunning sights like Central Park, The Highline, and Times Square to name a few!

These two hottest cities don’t even scratch the surface of what can be photographed in Miami and LOVED by more followers around the globe.

Wolf Millionaire Los Angeles

L.A., though equally grammable, is different in that the ethos of the city is all about the image. L.A. is the place where people go to see and be seen. It is home to Hollywood, and with Hollywood comes a culture of the photographed and filmed image. It also has beautiful hotels, with gorgeous pools, stunning mansions, world class food, Disneyland, The Walk of Fame, the HOLLYWOOD sign, the list goes on.

With both New York and L.A., such high populations of Instagram users, combined with the high number of tourists (also using Instagram) that each city sees every year makes for a predictable top two hottest U.S. cities for Instagram but that skews the point of what I am trying to decipher in all the data I’m reading.

Miami, by comparison, is a less obvious city to be the third most Instagrammed in the country. It ranks 41st in population for U.S. cities, nowhere near even the top ten. It does, however, have very high population density, with over 12,000 residents per square mile and just as many if not MORE female Instagram Infleuncers who are all aspiring starving artists or Instafamous models. This could account for some of the high volume of Instagram posts and likes associated with Miami.

But outside of the statistics, when you explore Miami (as I did with my McLaren for 4 months) it is an extremely photogenic city.

It has a massive coastline, which makes for miles of beachfront frequented by tourists and residents year-round, and one of the hottest beach party scenes in the world. It has a high concentration of luxury cars, luxury condos, and luxury boats, all of which generate lots of Instagram LIKES.

Wolf Millionaire Miami Motivation

It has some of the most famous cosmetic surgery clinics in all of the country, which reflects an industry that is all about making things visually appealing.

t has one of the fastest growing restaurant scenes in the country which has helped it transform into a destination for world class chefs, with investment from superstar chefs like Joel Robuchon and Thomas Keller, and we all know what kind of Instagram action great food brings. The city also has a burgeoning art scene, thanks to the Wynwood Art district getting a major overhaul as well as Art Basel, Yacht Show, Cigar Show, and Bikini Week every year, which attracts thousands of aficionados, weirdos and rich people from all over the world.

Miami is developing into a city just like New York or L.A., however it will always have more of a beach vibe than either NY or LA. The sense that these cities all lend themselves naturally to photography, and to attracting eyes via social media, while maintaining their unique cultural attributes is why they are iconically the top 3 hottest cities to get Instagram likes from.

Winter is coming here in Toronto, can you guess where I am heading?

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Miami

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