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Growth Strategies Instagram

Growth strategies explained for a handful of Instagram accounts to teach you how to be more impactful to grow followers and increase engagement. Wolf Millionaire examines and reviews a handful of random Instagram accounts in order to demonstrate the thinking and strategies taught in his InstaWealth Growth System.

Growth strategies are a dime a dozen offered by many Instagram accounts who have no face, no claim to fame, but claim to be able to boost your Instagram followers and engagement. Don’t fall victim to accounts claiming to be able to deliver 1000, 10,000 or even 100,000 followers in a handful of months because you will end up just like Fake Likes Exposed on Instagram.  These growth strategies offered by so many seem too good to be true and unfortunately they are. In every niche of life you will find people looking for the “EASY” answer, or “EASY” solution to their problems. Unfortunately there is no “EASY” anything in life. All the amazing success YOU can be creating for yourself starts with YOU putting in the work! Learn how to spot Fake Followers & Bots!

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Growth Strategies

If you think you’re going to grow your Instagram account over night, you’ve woken up in some sort of disillusioned reality. If you chose to take the EASY (and wrong) route to growing your Instagram account you will most likely have your Instagram account hacked, disabled or flagged by Instagram for using illegal growth software which renders your account useless for future growth, engagement and most importantly making money!

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Growth Strategies – Exploring Accounts With Promise

First up lets take a look at one of my friends poetry Instagram accounts @PoetryByAnthony I don’t follow too many Instagram accounts because well my world is Instagram 24/7. Given how much time I spend working with Instagram I only want to fill my feed with positive posts that are unique and speak to me. Anthony’s poetry account is both powerful in thought yet quick and consumable to read.


Growth Strategies PoetryByAnthony

Profile Picture: Anthony, totally cute picture of you and your cat. I totally get the feeling you’re account highlights and makes use of your your passions for writing and poetry with an clear focus and obsession for love. While your profile picture is totally authentic and keeps true to the overall feel of your page, I have to recommend a clearer, more focused, brighter picture for your profile picture.  Remember, not only do we want to strike a chord with people consuming our content (especially those creating unique content) but we want to leave them with a happy positive memory of our account and even more so the OWNER behind the page. Authenticity must be a focus if you are trying to focus on growth strategies with your account and self as an influencer in your niche.

Instagram Name & BIO: This is the field in BOLD when we look at any Instagram account. This account has ♡ Poetry by Anthony ♡ as their “NAME” field. This field should represent the content and page while thinking about Instagram SEO.  This is a very important field that Instagram uses (along with your account name) to rank how well you show up for people searching for “LOVE”, “POETRY”. I would tweak this “NAME” field to “Love Poetry by Anthony” so that we are now tying in the “LOVE” search term which also follows in the BIO.

I would try to add a little more personal feel to the BIO and yes this is all part of your growth strategies. IT’s the SUM of all these little tricks that will help you grow! While it is short and sweet, make use of the extra space to further entice your followers as to why they should be following you. Are you providing a daily post? Original poetry? Speaking from the heart or from past experiences? Put a little more “ANTHONY” into the BIO to connect with those who might be stumbling by your account.

Captions:  The captions have evolved from simply stating the poetry within the image posted to something more beautiful, authentic and inspirational playing up the them of each day’s poetic piece! This is ON POINT! This is how you can connect with more people to build up your core followers and core engagement group.

HashTags: Make sure you have read my Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth article, where I will address some of the tweaks this account should be using to target better quality & less competitive hashtags in order to make several Top 9 Hashtag position that Instagram displays for all hashtags.

Posts: I see the account started originally posting very unique posts with a typewriter in the back, then to some colorful flowers and now using some darker imagery which is line with each days poetry.  Everyone has an image they want to portray, but for me, a page about LOVE POETRY, should showcase some brighter happier photography. I get the current positioning and play between lightness an darkness and keeping love sacred (and I am no poet or literary scholar) but I would suggest experimenting with more vibrant background photos, at least once every other post to see what effects in organic comments, growth and

Growth Strategies: This account is a great poetry account focusing on LOVE which has the base essentials set for successful future growth. You should be taking advantage of posting to Instagram stories and might experiment by posting the photo with your quote on it, and a very very simple caption that is open ended question.

Keeping the caption space clean and simple with an effective question that speaks to your post allows for followers to comment their immediate thoughts on your post which you will then (as you’ve been doing) respond back to them.  This is the most organic way to achieve Instagram Comment Pods to help increase your posts relevance score so Instagram will serve it to more and more people higher up in their feed as you post and gain momentum with quality engagements from random and different followers each post!

Instead of posting your current captions which explain or speak to each post (in a short but lengthy way), I would create a simple Instagram story post (could even be just a blank white or black background) which has your big caption on it and 2-3 hashtags which would help you achieve more viewership and let people who follow you KNOW that you have a new post (because Instagram does fuck with our posts and when they are displayed to all our followers). This is one of my growth strategies I am using right now with every Wolf Millionaire Instagram post I do every day and it works!

It’s like training your following to check out your account because you’ve lit up your Instagram Stories in your followers feeds which is just another sneaky notification strategy we can use!

Growth Strategies Explained

Posting to stories refreshes your glowing profile picture in your followers “Stories” feed, hence the reason for a very clean, clear and bright profile pic,  at the top of your followers feed for “STORIES”, what a great way to be seen when you immediately post!

I also suggest you do 2-3 posts in your stories (about 12 hours apart from the last one) that asks your followers to “TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS” if they want to interact with you during your daily consistent posting times. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who simply want a high five or thank you or love emoji response from an account that they follow for inspiration, love or wisdom! This is an easy one to experiment with!

Posting: I notice that in none of your posts, do you tag any accounts. Tagging other accounts in your posts are extremely important to be seen and get noticed by new followers and even the accounts your tagging which will help you squeeze out some new likes & comments and when done over time attracts very targeted and usually highly engaged followers! In my Instagram Video Guides I go over this exact tagging strategy to explain how to evaluate which accounts you should and shouldn’t be tagging for this strategy!

I hope this analysis and breakdown of a random Instagram account shows you all the small tricks and tips and strategies that you need to be maximizing in order to create an attractive Instagram account that when posted to and used consistently will result in more and more growth & engagement!

Happy Instagramming!

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