A Graphic Designer Dream: Instagram Portfolios

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Any graphic designer knows that a portfolio is everything- it showcases your work and skill set. With over 80 million posts being uploaded a day, why not use Instagram as your designer portfolio?

Sometimes it takes a lot to stand out as a graphic designer. Being that Instagram is a visually stimulating social media platform, why not use it as a portfolio? We’re going to check out and review some designers that are taking full advantage of Instagram and highlight why their accounts are awesome while showcasing their talents via Instagram.

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Portfolio Perfection

Perfecting your portfolio is so very important when you’re in the design business. There are so many graphic designers out there, your portfolio is what will allow you to stand out in the crowd. Sure, you might already have a website (which typically costs money), but Instagram is FREE and gets a lot of traffic each day. You can turn you Instagram account into your portfolio that will most likely get more attention than a website would without having to spend money to get followers!

If you do have a website already, be sure to provide a link to it on your Instagram so that followers can learn more about what you do. Your Instagram can be an outlet to grab people’s attention and guide them to your website where the good stuff is.

ChrisLabrooy – Chris Labrooy


If you take a close look through Chris Labrooy’s Instagram you will notice how his content simply stands out. It is extremely colorful with photos and videos that  are well-balanced using less than 2-3 colors to enhance his design which is ultimately art. In less than 100 posts, Chris Labrooy was able to grow his account to 40,000 followers. His captions are short, use less than 3-4 descriptive hashtags, and his account has been up for a little over 3 years. Make sure your Getting the Most out of Your Hashtags.

However, scrolling from the bottom up through his feed we see a consistent array of posts highlighting and amplifying his graphical designs. You will notice his engagement jumps through the rough when he’s recently posted some Porsche videos & photos. Viral videos that would be male-centric will hit the pop page and attract a lot of new males to follow your page, and then the next time you post car related content all those new followers will like your posts thus increasing your average engagement per post. NOT every post can be a hit out of the park for consistent high engagements, some posts simply resonate better with different people who are following. Keep your eye on the prize, post consistently and showcase your best work.

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Velvetspectrum – Luke Choice

Let’s take a look at one of their posts. For having 56.6k followers, 1,020 likes on a post seems pretty low. One thing they should consider is posting their hashtags in a comment so that they disappear after people begin commenting- it keeps things clean. They are doing a great job with follower engagement by responding to comments. This is extremely important when you’re a small account looking to grow quickly to attract as many organic engagement followers as possible, as I go further in depth on this subject in a full video lesson here.

A Graphic Designer Dream: Instagram Portfolios


This graphic designer account isn’t the biggest account, but 20k followers in less than 8 months is definitely a solid following for a portfolio on Instagram. The key to their success is how they leverage Instagram Video which I explain in much detail in my InstaWealth Growth System to showcase their creative video designs.  They get an insane amount of views for their size, and even more impressive (but not surprising) is how many comments of people admiring their work! Increasing the amount of comments per posts is another important strategy my systems explains in detail!

Their profile picture is intriguing to say the least but could be much better to grab peoples attention and emboss the Zeitguised brand into peoples feeds. Their profile focuses solely on video, so choosing the right profile picture to represent the account is tricky. If I were them, I’d consider creating a logo or symbol to represent their brand/portfolio instead of using a still image from their insanely cool but wacky videos.

At a glance, their Instagram account, a.k.a. their designer portfolio, is colorful, consistent, and follows a theme. Keep it simple!

This account shows just how powerful the video capabilities of Instagram are. What’s great is that Instagram has started catering more to video; allowing longer uploads, showing “views” instead of “likes”, and their video feature “Videos You Might Like” on the explore page.

Void Season part 1 #uncanny #valley #fashion #simulation #assumed #apparel #guise

A video posted by VIBRANT MATTER (@zeitguised) on


homsweethom- Lauren Hom

This designer specializes in typography, and what better way to show off what she can do than posting pictures of it on her Instagram portfolio? She’s got a solid following, and gets an average of 1,500 likes per post. One of her videos even got 9,500 views- very impressive. Her bio is both informative, proactive, and still shows her personality. This is another excellent design account.

Homsweethom has diverse content throughout her profile so things stay interesting for her followers. Again, she should consider putting the hashtags in the comment section so that they disappear before long and it looks nicer that way. When there are too many hashtags on a post- it takes away from the content that you’re posting and actually reduces your chances of getting your post to the explore page where it would generate the most amount of new followers and new engagements.

A Graphic Designer Dream: Instagram Portfolios

Another thing that I’m loving about this particular post, is the use of emojis in the caption. As I’ve said before, emojis often boost Instagram post interaction.


With a whopping 377k followers and an average of 10k likes on each post, it’s hard not to be impressed by this designer. His content hits all the main points I’ve made about growing an Instagram account. It’s diverse, follows a specific style he’s developed, and his bio/profile picture is clean and helpful and includes where he currently lives (Portland, OR), his Email, Snapchat & his Website URL. This is a perfect BIO.

A Graphic Designer Dream: Instagram Portfolios

As you’ll see in the post above from @samlarson, he implemented an Instagram giveaway which is a perfect way to drive some traffic to your account. People love free stuff and it will expose new followers (potential customers) to your work making it more likely you’ll get hired for design work!

Start Showcasing Your Work

These accounts we’ve shown you should have inspired you, whether you’re a graphic designer or not. Your Instagram is an outlet for you to share a piece of your life or brand with the millions of users on there. Maybe you’re a designer that is just starting off and you aren’t committed to paying for a website to host your portfolio. Maybe you already have a portfolio website but are considering the use of Instagram to gain more of an audience. Either way, using Instagram to showcase your work is the best way to get some attention.

The takeaway from this is that no matter what you’re using your Instagram for, keep it interesting. Boring content isn’t going to catch anyone’s attention or attract any followers. So utilize videos, keep posts diverse, and stay consistent with your style.

If you’re looking to make a splash with your design portfolio on Instagram or you’re just looking to grow your account while leveraging your awesome content and my strategies to get your work seen, then signup and let me teach you everything I know in my InstaWealth Growth System, I’ve even included monthly updates with this course so you can always stay ahead of everyone else who isn’t taking advantage of my teachings!

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