Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Welcome back to another episode of Wolf Millionaires Question & Answer posts.  I wanna see all of you follow your passions and create Instagram accounts that will quickly grow and monetize what is of interest to you just like all of my advanced students are doing! Go read all the amazing testimonials I post on @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account, many of my students are already earning $500+ per week in less than 2-3 months!

Wolf Millionaire aka Anthony Carbone & His brand new McLaren

Wolf Millionaire aka Anthony Carbone & His brand new McLaren

Don’t think any of this is real? Well I just took delivery of my brand NEW McLaren yesterday, all paid for by the money I made over the last 2 years killing it on Instagram. I put a deposit on it back in December (which I also announced on my Instagram account to motivate my early students right when I launched I want to help others achieve what I have simply by following your passions and utilizing the hottest social network at the moment!

There is a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram, it’s because I have over 17 Million followers across 30 accounts I created from scratch! I want to show YOU how to do the same. It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is take the first step and signup for my InstaWealth Growth System just like all the other successful students I keep posting updates about. The longer you wait to start, the more money is out there for my current students. ITS EASY MONEY, if you put forth a solid effort with my strategies!

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So if you haven’t had a chance, check up my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account and scroll through all of my posts for a lot of tips that I provide FOR FREE on a weekly basis, especially these Q&A posts. Look for this type of photo, the wolf millionaire with a Q&A in my feed, and go check out some of the older posts that I have done answering a lot of the frequently asked questions from my followers.

Today I am Going To Answer TWO Frequently Asked Questions

Well, again, this is another very complex question, and so I am gonna answer it in terms of, what makes the most sense for the general public.

Frequently Asked Question One: Who should you follow?

Well, the way I look at it is you should be following people who you wanna see their content. Now, if you are creating account that’s a fan page or a page that you are going to curate other people’s content, then it makes sense to go and follow the people who use the best photos, who motivate you or inspire you to create the content that you are going to create. The biggest thing that is of usefulness to follow the people that you’re going to use is that you can quickly scroll through your feed and see what they’ve posted in the last day, two days, three days, and see what kind of photos maybe you wanna screenshot and use and post on your own page. Who should you follow? You should follow anybody whose content interests you, excites you, educates you, or whose got top shelf content that you want to follow.

A really good example of this is my @essentialscreed and @gentlemanscreed page. If you go and take a look at those two Instagram accounts, you’ll see that I follows somewhere between maybe 50 and 75 influencers on each account, and those people that I am following are purely people that interest me, who have great content, who create their own content. And for the Gentleman’s creed one, it’s style that I’m into. For the Essentials creed page, it’s luxury items that I kind of aspire to own someday. So they are kind of like inspirational and motivational accounts, those two that I created, just to show you that my strategies don’t just work on car pages. They work on other areas. And again, I chose two other pages outside of the car posting photos to leverage my interests and passions. And it just makes it easy and fun for me to, you know, keep plugging away on Instagram with the 30-some accounts I have, 17 million followers making a very healthy six-figure annual income.

Now, if you wanna learn everything that I know, go to, enter your email address. We will send you a free 20-page Instagram guide, which you can, you know, use those strategies and tips and tricks in that free guide right away and start seeing immediate, you know, growth and increase in engagement on your account over the following days and weeks.

And if you don’t believe me, scroll through my Instagram account, @Wolf_Millionaire, and read all the testimonials. You’ll see that I screenshot the DMs that people send me and overlay them on their account taking a snapshot of their current growth so you can see how much they’ve grown since I featured them. Think this is still all fake? You are a tough cookie to convince, but I honestly appreciate your scepticism especially in this digital world FULL OF FAKE PEOPLE and SCAMMERS. You can wait on the sidelines and watch as I continue to feature successful student after student month after month. It’s only going to get better and better as more and more students start to make money every month.

Start by downloading my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide if you don’t believe any of this is real. Most of my students have found immediate success with my free 20-page Instagram’s guide, and those same students have gone on to sign up for my advance course, which is the InstaWealth Growth System, to learn everything I know. It’s over 24 hours, 80-some episodes of me walking you through everything step by step. From starting an account, to locking it down and making it hacker-proof, to advanced growth strategies, buying and selling accounts, buying and selling shout outs and everything in between!

Doesn’t matter if you’re new to Instagram and don’t even have an Instagram account or if you have multiple Instagram accounts and hundred of thousands or even million of followers, I can guarantee you I can help you be more efficient and make you more money with your accounts than you are right now. That is my absolute guarantee. Because I have run my 17 million follower 30-some accounts for the last two years and have optimized and made that whole process as efficient as possible. And I’ve posted over 20,000 photos to Instagram. I have the biggest brands in the world asking me for my strategies, not to mention have several students that I have helped earned over a MILLION DOLLARS in annual revenues just from Instagram!

So I have been able to test what works, what doesn’t work, how to get the best engagement, everything. I explain everything. And I challenge you, if you sign up for my InstaWealth Growth System, to ask me a question at the end of the course. And there are very few students who come back to me after they have watched every single episode with a question because that’s how much knowledge I have poured into these 24 hours, 80-some episodes. So if you’re serious about Instagram, sign up. You will not be disappointed. Everyday, I have more and more students coming on-board, killing it in areas that they are passionate about, and it just makes it fun.

Turn your play time on Instagram into money-making time. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or 30 or 40. I’m 38 years old and I’m killing it on Instagram, after I got fired from my job a little over three years ago. So if I can do it, trust me, you younger students, you can kill it. Most of my students are teenagers as they live on Instagram. So why not make money from the app you love to use everyday?

I have students from all over the world from all ages doing extremely well following my strategies. There’s no one out there who knows as much about Instagram as I have, let alone is put it into 24 hours of step-by-step videos.

So lets get back to the Q&A for a second.

Frequently Asked Question Two: How many people should you follow?

Well, optically this comes past the point where… You know, June 1st 2016, Instagram made a major update, one that I predicted almost eight months ago. And this is something that Instagram announced last November, and I predicted this in my videos that were filmed last summer that Instagram was going to be making these changes. So I used to look at peoples accounts, when I would evaluate them, and see how many people they are following. And if it was a couple of thousand, then I knew that account was growing their account using an automatic follow, unfollow app like Crowdfire or Likestagram, which as of June 1st no longer work, because Instagram sees that as spam and an unauthentic way to, you know, use their platform and their API.

So they shut all those programs down. And that’s left pretty much everybody, except for me, who’s teaching Instagram strategies, scrambling to find their own ways to help their students grow their accounts because they relied exclusively on Crowdfire or Likestagram to automatically follow and unfollow people. And not only was that never sustainable practice, as we can see because it’s now shut down, but it yielded really shitty followers. Because you were basically following other people, who would then follow you, and then you would unfollow them. And people aren’t stupid. People see that you followed them and then unfollowed them, so they become ghost followers. They may continue to follow you if you have interesting content or provide value or inspiration or motivation to their lives. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t interact with your content.

That’s why it’s extremely important to follow organic growth strategies, where content is king. And I show you how to create content. I show you where to get content for free. I show you how to engage with your followers through exciting captions, how to use proper hash tags, and all those other myriad of strategies that, when combined together, allow for explosive, organic growth and really high engagements. So again how many people should you follow? If you want a number from me, you shouldn’t realistically need to follow more than a couple of hundred people, maybe 500 at the most. But that’s a lot of content in your feed. so unless you are posting a very broad subject and you just have an interest to follow that many people, that’s great. Otherwise, you really shouldn’t need to follow more than a couple of hundred people to get the content that you want to get if you are curating other peoples content.

So that’s the Q&A for this time. Remember, if you want my free 20 page Instagram guide, just go sign up at Enter your email address. And stay tuned for more free learnings until you’re convinced that, you know, I know my stuff, and you wanna sign up and learn everything through my InstaWealth Growth System and fast track your Instagram success so you can start making as much money as I have. If I can do it, you can do it. NO EXCUSES BUT YOUR OWN!

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