Fitness Brands On Instagram

Fitness Brands On Instagram

With all of the recent updates, Instagram is creating new possibilities for marketing, especially for fitness brands. Wolf Millionaire explores the way that exercise is taking off on Instagram.

Workout fads seem to come and go, but thanks to Instagram, health trends are all up in our face. This is a good thing if you’re looking to get in shape and need inspiration, or if you own a fitness brand. Instagram is the best way to market your fitness brand and we’ll show you how you can get involved.

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Videos = Prime Tutorial Opportunities

When it comes to Instagram, videos are the next big thing. With the longer video update, more and more brands have started utilizing the videos in creative ways. This means big things for fitness brands. For one, they can show tutorials on different exercises.

Get creative with your fitness brand’s Instagram. Make sure that they don’t seem repetitive

Check out some of these fitness accounts that are killing it with their videos:

Hey, guys need some inspiration too! @mensfitnessmag uses a cool twist on their fitness videos and just show a glimpse of a great workout routine, telling their followers where to check out the full video. That’s a great technique to guide your IG followers back to your website.

Fitness guru @kayla_itsines shows her followers simple ways to workout from the comfort of their homes, because not all of us have the time or the motivation to make it out to the gym.

Below, you’ll see a yoga account that posts mostly videos. It makes sense. Yoga is about form and the strength and patience it takes getting into each pose. Watching @erinkellyart bust out her yoga poses is extremely motivating for both new and old timer yogis.

 Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration Sometimes

When it comes to fitness strategies, we all want to see before and after pictures. No one will take your fitness brand seriously if there’s no proof that it works. Especially when there are so many brands out there swearing by their fitness programs. So stand out from the crowd and show your followers that you mean business.

Popular fitness coach, @tammyhembrow promotes her own fitness routines that her followers can purchase on her website. If you check out her Instagram account, you’ll notice that she’s not only in incredible shape whilst being extremely pregnant (what a feat!), but she posts pictures of her student’s progress. As you’ll see in this post, she encourages her followers to email her pictures of their results; a great way to increase engagement and get some content to back up your program’s authenticity.

Show your followers what they could look like if they work hard and use your techniques. One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle that is fitness, is inspiration. No one will even consider working out if they aren’t motivated to do so. Make sure that your fitness brand is posting some inspirational content- whether it be fitness pics or motivational quotes.

Fitness Brands On Instagram

@shauntfitness keeps his followers inspired with a motivational quote.

One of the Instagram fitness accounts that nearly every girl (and maybe even some guys) is following is @SquatsSpo. They’ve got Instagram wrapped around their finger. They inspire girls to hit the weights and really work on their gluteus maximus. Here’s what their doing right: they post pictures of girls with inspirational booties and videos of workouts that their followers can learn from.

Fitness On Instagram

@squatspo has got all of their followers approaching the squat rack at the gym with their inspirational posts.

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy and fit isn’t just about working out. Show your followers other ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Every now and then a post about nutritious meals can inspire your followers to keep checking out your IG feed. Make sure they’re high-quality and colorful. Make people drool over the healthy options your brand shows.

With 1.2 million followers, @blogilates encourages her followers to not only work out, think positively, but also to eat healthy foods. Below you’ll see that not only does her food posts look pretty tasty, but she’s taking full advantage of the video capabilities of Instagram.

Again, @kayla_itsines proves to be rocking her brand’s Instagram account by the diversity of her posts. She too, throws in enticing food posts to get her followers on the healthy lifestyle train. You’ll notice that they are eye-catching and colorful-not your typical meal pic. It’s no wonder she has over 5 million followers.

Brand Collaboration

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’ll say it again- collaborating with other brands is key to building a stronger following on Instagram. Their followers will be led to your account, and your followers will be led to theirs, which means, more followers for you both! When it comes to working out, there are countless ways to collaborate. Workout gear, gyms, protein shakes, pre-workout, or really anything health related can be related to fitness. Reach out to different companies that might need a boost in their following as well, and work out a plan. Tag them in your posts and they’ll do the same.

Again, @tammyhembrow shows that she’s on her Instagram game by tagging a protein shake brand in her post.

Fitness On Instagram

@tammyhembrow shows her followers that hard work and a great protein shake can lead to muscle gains.

Get To Work!

Instagram is still the best marketing tool amongst social media platforms. People love fitness and they love Instagram even more. So if you have a fitness brand, take advantage quickly before more and more fitness brands figure out the opportunities on Instagram. Remember, above all, fitness accounts need to motivate their followers. Fitness isn’t just about working out, it’s about eating healthy and working hard. Prove to your followers that your brand means results and have the posts to back it up. Follow these steps and start building your fitness brand’s Instagram account today!

For more in-depth tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow your Instagram followers like these ones, check out our InstaWealth Growth Video Guides. I’ll teach you step-by-step everything I know about Instagram, which includes starting an account from scratch – you’ll be able to start growing your brand organically and quickly.

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