Fantastic Colours: A Lesson in Quality

By October 18, 2016Instagram News

Want to generate $ income + grow followers for your Instagram account? YOU CAN, just like this successful student of mine,  @Fantastic Colours! Using my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, they’ve grown their Instagram account to 1.4 Million Followers! Let’s see how Fantastic Colours has used colourful, amazing photos and integrated my strategies into their account to get ahead and gain over a million followers!

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I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt… pay attention to the strategies im going to highlight in this post if you want to leverage some of my strategies that @Fantastic.Colours is using to grow their account FAST! You can use these strategies and others that I’ve highlighted on many other success InstaWealth Growth System students below, on ANY type of Instagram NICHE account!

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Lets DIVE into @Fantastic.Colours Instagram SUCCESS

Fantastic Colours InstaWealth Success

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Here’s a firsthand look at @Fantastic.Colours‘ account. The beautiful hues they display certainly cause a person’s jaw to drop, and is just as beautiful as we would imagine an account featuring “colour” in the title should be. They’ve racked up a whopping  1.4 million followers, which is awesome!

I love how short and to the point their bio is, it barely takes up a line but tells us all we need to know and how to contact them. They’re only following 6 people and are followed by over a million users- that’s a great ratio! Let’s inspect their beautiful account and see what they’ve done to attract so many people.

Below we see this adorable little fellow, an Oriental Dwarf King Fisher, that got an incredible amount of attention! This is just one of many, many dazzling colourful photos posted by @Fantastic.Colours. It goes without saying that people loved this post, it certainly struck a chord, and undoubtedly made people feel something. I know my blood pressure certainly lowered when I came across this photo of this little guy! This post received over 50K likes which is about double a usual post of theirs. Notice how diligent this account is at giving proper photo credits!

PRO TIP #1: THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT! It’s important not only to reduce the risk of having someone send you a copyright claim (which will hurt your Instagram account over time) but it will help your post do 10x better if the photographer likes your post (out of gratitude for sharing with credit) AND even more so if they comment on your post (further thanking you for sharing with credit).  Use this very simple trick to make sure your posts are getting maximum exposure with your network (Instagram’s algorithm that takes into account your followers and your followers followers).

fantastic colours

Colour Psychology

Here’s another photo that got a crazy # of comments from their followers. This stunning photo taken in Greece got almost 50K likes, and got people talking with 254 comments! Wow! Despite a splash of every colour in the photo, the colour scheme in this photo is overall ‘cool’, as it contains mostly shades of blue and purple.

Whether it be the water’s edge in Sydney, an exotic bird of the jungle, or the make-believe Italian city of Venice in Las Vegas, @Fantastic.Colours vibrantly displays every colour possible in their posts. This account builds itself up correctly in their simple and straightforward bio, and certainly always delivers what they promise!

fantastic colours


Notice earlier, I mentioned the photo having an overall ‘cool’ theme due to the blues and purples in the photo. How can colour make one feel a certain way, and why are certain colours so alluring and like-worthy in some of these posts? The variety of colours displayed in this account certainly drew in many pairs of eyes and led to a lot of likes and comments. Well, there’s this thing called ‘colour psychology’ behind a post.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for you to help you understand the psychology behind colors, as well as the way they’re used in marketing. As we see here, brands and companies use different colors to stir up different emotions in buyers. This is also a very important little trick, because if you remember CONTENT IS STILL KING, and creating or posting the HOTTEST CONTENT is what’s going to help your post go VIRAL, and bring in hundreds of new followers off a single post!

It’s no different with Instagram! @Fantastic.Colours does a great job of displaying one or more of these colors in all of their posts, and it gets viewers to feel something. And once that feeling happens- BOOM- you’ve hooked someone. You’ve taken them from merely browsing- to clicking, liking, buying, and sharing.

Fantastic Colours

Kick-Ass, Professional Photos

How else is @Fantasic.Colour doing so well besides the obvious? We’ve already talked about how they’ve nailed the colour game, but there’s a few other reasons this account is thriving. Let’s dig a little deeper.

These photos aren’t just your typical quick iPhone photos- they’re DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex). Although none of the photos appear to be @Fantasic.Colours’ original photos, they do give proper credit to all the photographers. Nice job! I love when I don’t have to remind students to give credit where credit is due. Nevertheless, a professional camera is where it’s at if you want to up your Instagram game!  I write more about taking high quality DSLR photos here.

Do your photos have to be professional? No. That’s the beauty of Instagram. People like raw an uncut, just as much as they like and appreciate high quality photos. There are plenty of ways to make your Instagram posts look professionally photographed, without spending the money on a nice camera or paying a photographer.


So we know the two main reasons why this account is killing it: amazing photos and a consistent outpouring of colour, colour, colour. What about a couple things they could improve on to gain even more followers (and income!!)?

PRO TIP #2: Post some original photos! This can take time and yes, it requires a little moxie! Not so confident in your photos? It’s okay and it’s smart to start gradually. Experimenting with an actual camera (even a Polaroid!) or just your own iPhone photos could really add authenticity to the account. I would start by adding my own photo in here and there, until someday the account was filled with all my own photos. You’ve already hooked your viewers, now keep them fed and be brave enough to feature some of your very own shots!

PRO TIP #3: Get viewers more involved in the post. If you haven’t noticed, posts with a question in the title, or a request to shout out/tag  someone specific, tend to get a lot more engagement. Check out this post below! @Fantasic.Colours titles the photo, “I love Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. Tag the friends who you would want to take with you”. This is brilliant! It gets people sharing, tagging, and dreaming.

Fanastic Colours

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you can see that all of my Wolf Millionaire students are diverse in what they use their Instagram’s for, but they all have found success in growing their accounts. Take note in what they are doing to gain followers and see how you can apply those techniques to your own Instagram.  Remember that not all Instagram accounts are going to grow at the same speed. IF you have a highly targeted niche account you are going to grow slower than an account that targets a high level niche. It doesn’t mean your targeted niche is any less valuable; if anything small highly targeted niche accounts continue to be more and more valuable as advertisers continue to find niche influencers to advertise with! So don’t get discouraged if you are growing slower with your account over someone who continuously posts regurgitated viral content just to grow fast. Follow your passions, that is the recipe for your long term success on Instagram with my InstaWealth Growth System! I can’t wait to feature your testimonial as my next successful student hitting your first, second or third major milestone! GET TO WORK!

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