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It’s time again to feature a Wolf Millionaire student of mine who has experienced some serious growth, business networking, and even income using my Instawealth strategies! @LuxurySpotlight has grown their luxury account to 245,000 followers by consistently posting high quality posts of that coveted fancy lifestyle we all desire, with major jaw-dropping content!

Let’s see what this Fancy & Luxurious account has done to be so successful, and pay attention so you can learn from them!

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fancy living luxury spotlight

 @luxuryspotlight at Holla!

Right away above we see that @luxuryspotlight is all about that envied fancy life and luxury living. Not just fancy living, but fancy CRUISIN’. That’s right, the main theme of this account is luxury cars and livin’- and boy do I feel inspired to add a few luxury cars to my collection after scrolling through this successful, inspiring account!

They’ve just hit a milestone of 245K followers and they’re only following 49 accounts which is an impressive ratio! Their bio tells us that they’re the “finest” in supercars and luxury living, and it’s incredibly cool that they’ve got their Snapchat and DM information right there for us.

We also see a link to their “marketplace” which is another Instagram account for followers to buy/sell, with @luxuryspotlight’s help and a fee of course. When I investigated, @shopluxuryspotlight has no posts yet so I strongly suggest getting @shopluxuryspotlight up and running. Otherwise, condense or rearrange the info because a two-line bio looks cleaner in general. Take a look:

fancy living luxury spotlight


Big problem? Not at all! Let’s just hope they get a few followers/bites on this account because the affiliate Instagram account is a great idea, and I’m impressed at their marketing/sales endeavor here! It works well because it’s a simple message for a service they offer!

Quality Photos

Now in a perfect Instagram world,  a thriving account has quality photos with a variety of perspective. Lets talk about quality. Quality first off means sometimes getting away from your smartphone and actually using a lot of high quality photos for your Instagram account. You can do this by using a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera! I use a DSLR camera versus my phone often for posts in my @madwhips account, check it out! You can definitely notice the difference.

Quality is also just simply being intentional about rocking posts that are eye-catching. We want the photo to draw followers in and hold their gaze, not make us wonder what it is we’re supposed to be excited about or looking at. And sure, smartphone pictures are fine! It’s all about using different types of photos from both smartphones (raw) and quality cameras (professional) that creates a combination of photos pleasing to the eye.

fancy living luxury spotlight


The beauty of snapping a raw photo/video on your smartphone shows that what you’re doing is real, and in real-time. For accounts like @luxuryspotlight, it’s important that they make sure their followers see some raw photos as well as some professional.

Variety of Perspective

Let’s talk variety. Variety is huge for an account’s popularity and engagement too. I’m not staying stray from your theme or brand identity. I’m saying post pictures with the same theme from different perspectives and in different places. Throw in a myriad of colors, a variety of climates, and different faces even! @luxuryspotlight does a great job of posting a variety of quality photos that stick to the main theme, and they also throw in some raw photos and videos here and there which make the account feel authentic.

Check out a few of their kick-ass, popular photos below- I just LOVE the creativity, rawness, perspective, and quality of these. I can definitely tell that they implemented my strategies with intent!

fancy living luxury spotlight

fancy living luxury spotlight

fancy living luxury spotlight

fancy living luxury spotlight

Mentioning Some Like-Worthy Posts

Now there are a few photos that just blew the other photos out of the water. Here’s one below, can you guess why it got an extraordinary 5,013 likes? Yeah it’s fancy and all with not only one, but TWO Range Rovers, yet there’s something else. OK, let me tell you incase you’re stumped! If you said because @luxuryspotlight asks a question in the description, you’re right! When you get followers interacting by asking them a question, you’re bound to get more engagement. Nice work @luxuryspotlight!

Side note here: more props to @luxuryspotlight for giving credit to the photographer @urbanautomotive which is a MUST for every photo that is professionally taken! I can’t stress this enough and I remind you because I care. Give the proper credit! Just do it, it’s good karma.
fancy living luxury spotlight

Here’s another impressive post below, with 4,064 likes. Now this luxury car may not be the most expensive car out there, but it’s definitely the most expensive car that Mercedes-Benz makes, which makes it a great post. Interesting fact, sure, but another  reason this photo got so many likes is because of the symmetry and simplicity of the photo- as well as the fact that it’s taken from the inside.

It hits the eye with a clean, fresh look of the interior of a car that most can only dream to sit in or just walk by. Typically we see the outside of cars, but to see the inside of this beauty- now that’s a different level of experience altogether. Talk about fancy!

fancy living luxury spotlight


All in all, this account has a distinct theme, quality photos, and a GREAT following. The minor issue in their bio with their affiliate account not having any posts YET is an easy fix and I’m sure they’ll be rolling in more business in no time.

My 1 Tip: If this really is a luxury account I’d expect to see just a few more pictures of travel, fancy cuisine, and maybe even some celebs. The watches and money definitely add a fancy, baller flare but when I think luxury I definitely think private jets, decadent food, and partying with the rich and famous.

I’m so proud of @luxuryspotlight and can’t wait to see their ongoing success! Their fancy luxury account has almost got me inspired to run out and buy another McLaren but in the meantime I actually hope more students can benefit from my InstaWealth program and keep updating me on their success!

Yup- It’s Your Turn

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Fancy Wolf Millionaire

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Happy Instagramming!

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