Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Creating diverse content on Instagram can be challenging, but Wolf Millionaire shares some valuable tips on how you can amp up your account and start attracting followers.

Content is king on Instagram. Always has been, always will be. People love this social media platform, especially millennials, which is why more brands have been focusing on their Instagrams. The norm has become to judge a brand off of it’s account and the content they put out. When it comes to creating a brand identity on Instagram, it’s important to create attention-grabbing posts. Need a little guidance? I’ll show you some simple ways for creating diverse content for your Instagram.

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Brands That Are Nailing It Already

Some brands, both big and small, have been on their best Instagram game ever. It’s no secret that Instagram is the hottest social media marketing tool around, but learning how to master the techniques that get your account growing can be challenging. Let’s check out some brands that have been creating some diverse content on consistently.

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Victoria’s Secret’s great usage of the Instagram feed layout.

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Taco Bell‘s feed is anything but boring.


Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

It’s hard not to want an Audi after seeing the content they post.

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While videos are newer to the scene of Instagram, it’s handy to know how to incorporate them into your account. We’ve been hearing a lot more about the changes to video length lately, and this means it’s time to step up your game. Videos can be used for your brand in several ways: showing behind the scenes, promoting a product, or short and sweet interviews. Videos can be thought of as short commercials for your brand. Nothing showcases a product better than seeing it in action. Check out this video from Lush Cosmetics. Their bath bombs are wildly popular, and they’ve learned to use videos to show how cool their product really is. On top of that, they took over the hashtag #bathart to bring their customers together.

Consistently original: brand new bath bombs for brand new experiences. #bathart

A video posted by Lush Cosmetics (@lushcosmetics) on

Different Perspectives

Seeing the same view over and over again does gets old. That’s why getting creative with your angles is a good practice. Take Audi for example, their cars offer so many luxurious features that can be showcased via Instagram. As we saw from their account, their pictures show different views of their cars, from the steering wheel to the brake lights. With posts being in the perspective of behind the wheel with the dashboard lit up in the foreground, it’s easy to imagine yourself driving. Some are classic pics of their vehicles racing down a roadway headed to a beautiful destination. Audi’s content is so diverse and alluring that it gives you urges to go car shopping.

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

A quality post from Audi, mesmerizing their followers with the glow of taillights. Check out the great caption too.

Inspire Your Followers With Quotes

Nothing breaks up some boring static content like a quote to inspire. So maybe you’re content isn’t even boring, but a great quote can really bring something to the table as far as your Instagram news feed goes. Make sure it is relatable to you or your brand. Think of what your brand represents and how you might want to reflect that with a quote. Maybe it should be something humorous. Maybe something positive and encouraging. People love to read something simple yet powerful, and it will give your brand a sense of personality.

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Absolut Vodka breaks up some of their colorful content with a simple “party tip” quote series.

Since focusing on Instagram for their marketing campaigns, Absolut had an uplift of 5 points in product awareness.

Simple Ways To Create Diverse Content

Instagram’s Absolut stats don’t lie, proving how effective this marketing tool can really be.

“Using Instagram’s dynamic platform has helped us build a direct path to the consumer, and entice drinkers to engage both digitally and at retail,” Absolut brand director, Nick Guastaferro, told “Maintaining edge is key to engage, recruit and retain millennial drinkers and Absolut strives for this through all our communication efforts.


We can’t get enough of these, and it seems they’re becoming more and more popular. Cinemagraphs are a perfect way to stand out in the crowd and really draw people in. You can create these using apps or the flixel program. While some big brands have began throwing these into the mix, there are still many that don’t, so this is the perfect time for you to learn how to make them. You can feature your product or service in a subtly creative way.

Flixl’s Instagram account is filled with inspiration if you’re looking to create your own cinemagraphs and add diverse content to your brand’s profile.

Get To Work

Now that’s you’ve seen what some of these big brands are doing, it’s time for you to get out there and start creating your own diverse content. Really think about your product and service and see how some of these styles of posts can be incorporated in to your brand. If you start to regularly post high-quality, attention-grabbing content, you’ll be growing your account in no time.

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