Instagram Contests: Make Your Own


There’s not a soul out there who doesn’t love free stuff. Wanna know something pretty great that’s free? My FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide for some quick tips to get your Instagram account growing faster and posting better photos & video that you currently are. And if you love free stuff, you know there’s nothing like a good contest to get people noticing your brand or account. Instagram contests have become all the rage across the platform, drawing in views and loads of new engaged passionate followers – so get started on your first contest today.

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Different Types Of Contests & Giveaways

There are several different types of contests you can create using Instagram, in short the sky is the limit with respect to how creative you great, but remember to always start small and simple to test the aptitude and level of engagement of your followers before you try out a bigger more complex one.

The “Like it” to enter contest

Yep, we “like it” too. You can organize your contest so that people enter your contest simply by liking your photo. (Pssst, make sure your photo’s awesome with these tips) Like-to-win contests are super low risk – it’s not that hard to click the like button, so people are going to be more likely – pun intended – to take the chance and enter. The downside’s that with a low commitment level, people’s interests are also lower, but it’s a good contest type to get started with to test the waters on your account!

The “Repost” to enter contest

One step above the commitment level that a “like it” contests requires, the “repost” call to action still only requires the simple click of the share button. The bonus: your stuff is getting spread all over other people’s accounts for their viewers to see, so eyes on your posts will go up exponentially.

Tag a Friend to enter contest

Make use of that @ sign and gather up some friends. When people tag their friends, their friends are most likely going to look at your picture, which is great for you. And great for them too – your account’s worth looking at, and gives them a chance to follow you. Just be careful with this one, you should really instruct your users to only TAG 1-2 friends, if you don’t some users will spam your comment section of your post and your post could get taken down by Instagram for having too many spam comments.

Hashtag Generated

Start off by getting creative and thinking up your own personal hashtag. It can be related to your username, the contest you’re putting on, or whatever you decide to dream up that’s relevant to your post, then ask people to share posts under that hashtag. Asking people to generate their own content is a bigger step than the other contests, but will generate a lot of buzz for your account.

Tip: Make sure you are monitoring your Instagram Contest post comments so that you can quickly respond to new followers who might have questions. If one person asks a question, there is a really good chance dozens of other people also have that same question but are too shy (or lazy) to ask.  Always answer in a positive, professional and helpful manor in order to gain the respect and attention of current followers and help attract new ones!

 The Coolest Contests:

Case Study: AStormTrooperADay

AStormTrooperADay-Instagram-Contest copy

Probably one of my favorite Instagram accounts and one of my fast growing students who started monetizing his account by selling decals to his followers within a couple month of him starting his account. Just recently in less than 4 months this student has grown his account from 5,000 to 50,000 followers by implementing all my step-by-step InstaWealth Growth Strategies and has seen viral explosive growth thanks to his consistent posting and patience growing his niche star wars centric themed account.

This student choose to give away a black storm trooper mask to a random follower in order to give back and thank his 50,000 follower milestone.

He chose to utilize the following 3 requirements for his followers to enter his contest (see image below for caption formatting):

  1. contestants must be following him (great way to get more followers) and
  2. contestants must TAG 3 friends in the contest post comments section (which again coupled with the first requirement of following the account resulted in a nice little bump of 500 new followers just from this contest and
  3. contestants must REPOST his contest photo using hashtag #astormtrooperaday so that he could further brand his account with a hashtag as well as see who was REPOSTING his giveaway image.  This is probably the most common not to mention effective type of contest or giveaway, so I suggest trying your own contest using this as a great example!

I go into more depth about contest and how to create creative giveaways to spur viral & explosive growth, so make sure you signup for my InstaWealth Growth System if you want to learn everything I know in step-by-step follow along video guides I have created to walk you through everything even if you have never used Instagram before. If you are familiar with Instagram then you will be able to breeze through my course and start implementing all of my tips, tricks & strategies in days and start seeing in increase in followers & engagement on your posts (comments & likes).

AStormTrooperADay-Instagram-Contest-Giveway copy


Case Study: CurryForDinner

Here are several FREE well designed Instagram contests from another one of my InstaWealth Growth System student’s who’s fastest growing Steph Curry Basketball fan page @CurryForDinner is enjoying excellent growth in the last several weeks thanks to the Golden State Warriors lead up to the NBA Playoffs.  This is an excellent example of taking advantage of big events for you to piggy back on and integrate your posts or contests to play off the hype that your niche is creating on its own.

StephCurry-Contest-Jersey copy

Notice in this contest @CurryForDinner has only asked his followers to FOLLOW 2 accounts his & @ichefcurry + TAG 1 friend in the contest post.  It resulted in 84 Entries which is great seeing that the post got 221 likes 5 weeks ago.

The page then did another contest several days ago (1 month after the last contest) and had double the engagement of contestants and look at how many likes his contest did this time around! 717 likes and 168 contestants entered! Thats excellent growth and engagement for a contest let alone only 30 days after the last one!
StephCurry-Contest-Splash-Brothers-Socks copy


Tip: Notice how both these contest require the contest participant to FOLLOW 2 accounts. In both the call to action is to make sure that you are following @CurryForDinner (his page) and another StephCurry fan page. By doing this co-promotion on 2 accounts you quickly gain followers from another similar fan page and in return you share your followers with the other page.  As I explain in detail in my InstaWealth Growth System, this is the key to really growing your account fast for FREE. This is extremely helpful to get your page off the ground and growing with new followers!


Case Study: Starbucks

Starbucks knows its way around Instagram like a champ, and consequently knows its way around an Instagram contest. During Christmas-time when their red cups were all the rage (and all the controversy, too), they launched a hashtag contest with huge results.

#Redcupcontest generated more than 40k entries into their contest, offering five grand prizes of a keychain and fifty dollar gift-cards. It also spawned endless awesome pictures that just happened to incorporate the Starbucks brand right into them, a genius and seamless way to promote product in a contest.

Instagram Contests: Make Your Own


Before you plan your own contest, get a feel for what others out there are doing. And also, give yourself a chance to win some free stuff along the way. There are some really cool & creative contest going on every single day on Instagram!

How To Find FREE Contests To Enter on Instagram:

  1. Do a hashtag search. The most obvious hashtag to search, of course, is #contest – but it works. Related hashtags like #competition, #win, or #giveaway are also top contenders that will get you on your way to finding contests to study or enter.
  2. If you’re not leveraging Iconosquare as a tool already, check it out. It will bring you straight to Instagram contests with an easy click.
  3. Google it. Seems like a given, but Google’s your best friend when it comes to finding all other things, so use it to find contests, too.
  4. Follow people you’d like to have contests. Chances are, they eventually will, so you’ll be right there when they do. You can even subscribe to their notifications, so you can be ready to pounce when the opportunity arises.

Instagram Contests: Make Your Own

Do It Yourself Contest Style

Once you’ve got a grip on what’s out there and what’s working, you’ll be ready to start your own contest.

  • Start with a goal in mind. Wether it’s hundreds, or thousands of shares, have an idea of how successful you want your contest to be so you can measure your results. Write down your goal so it’s set it stone and you can’t go back on it.
  • Choose your type of contest – hint, we’ve defined the several types of contests and highlighted some great ones above. If it’s your first contest ever you might want to start small and keep it simple, remember not everyone on Instagram is as smart as you.
  • What are the rules? Keep them simple, but feel free to make them creative as well. Do the posts have to make people smile? Do they need to feature a specific object (your product?) Should they be taken at a certain time of day, angle, or with a certain filter? The possibilities are endless, just find a theme that fits your account.
  • Keep your eye on the prize: this might be the single most pivotal component of a successful Instagram contest. If you’ve got a product, then it’s a given that that’s likely what you’re going to be giving away. If you’re looking to do a contest and your account isn’t product based, think of a prize that goes along with the theme of the account. If you’ve got a low budget, that’s fine. Small giftcards are still big incentives, and even the prize of featuring the winner user on your account will draw interest.
  • Promote your contest with other accounts that fit with your niche. Offer to help bigger accounts out with their contest or promotion giveaway in order to get a promotion in return from them. If you have access to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, go ahead and share them there with similar hashtags. Write a blog posts, tell your friends, and get the word out.


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