Exotic Car Envy To Grow Followers

Causing Exotic Car Envy

Another day, another Wolf Millionaire student blowing my mind with their dedication and growth on Instagram! Their account is causing it’s followers some serious exotic car envy.

Using my Wolf Millionaire strategies, this student has grown their Instagram account significantly and created some serious exotic car envy. In fact, they just hit a 50k followers recently. You can experience this sort of growth IF you have the drive to do so. My strategies can only get you so far. I’m giving you the car it’s up to you to drive it so to speak.

2017 is almost 25% behind us! Time flies when you’re following your passions, making MONEY and using Instagram to grow a name for yourself! You have a fresh start with my strategies, all you have to do is take the first step and put in a little effort. I’m giving you the chance to change your life with my strategies. All you have to do is follow my STEP-BY-STEP strategies to learn, it’s easier than making a peanut butter sandwich. But it does require you to get off your ass from the TV and get to work. Lazy people GET NO WHERE IN LIFE.  This sort of opportunity won’t be around forever, whether you have a business or brand established and need a bigger social media following, or you are still looking for you niche, using Instagram as your social media marketing tool is one of the best things you can do right now.

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Let’s see what my student is doing right and what you can learn from them.

Student Profile: exoticdailyx

Just what I like to see in a bio: simple yet effective. It’s not cluttered with information we don’t need but it still tells what this account is going to be about. If I need to contact them, I send a direct message. People love emojis, so that’s a great way to grab people’s attention.

One thing that I am unsure about is “1.6 million+network” or what it’s referring to. I would suggest clarifying or taking it off to solve any confusion.

I’m a big fan of their profile picture! It’s a cool design and represents their account in a clear way. They aren’t following too many people which is something I always encourage. If you want followers organically, you don’t want to follow any sort of “follow for follow” scheme. So if you are following a crazy large amount of people, it causes new followers to think, “hmm… maybe their contact isn’t that appealing.” People should want to follow your account based on the content- not whether you’re going to follow them back or not.

Racing Toward Growth

Every account has to start somewhere… you don’t get thousands of followers overnight- at least not organically. Let’s see where this student began and their journey toward 50k followers!

Below was the first post on their profile:

Causing Exotic Car EnvyI see right away that it’s an exotic luxury car and that they got around 1,000 likes on this picture. Not too bad, but I think with their amount of followers they should be able to get more likes if they put in the work.

Next, I notice an abundance of hashtags in the caption. Those all belong in the first comment so that they disappear from view. No on needs to see “#carbooty” or “#rich” on your post. Hashtags are always useful, but that doesn’t mean we need to see them. Keep the post classy!

I do like that my student is crediting the photographer. Remember, you don’t have to use your own photos on your Instagram account as long as you credit the photographer & tag them in the photo of who’s photo you’re using. Doing this is a great way to collaborate with a photography account and bring new followers to your content.

Causing Exotic Car EnvyThe post above is a more recent post that did much better as far as likes go. I am LOVING the engagement on this too. Over 71 comments! My student is killing it! They also kept the caption short and sweet- perfect. This post is eye-catching, how often do you see a Maserati with a wild spray paint vinyl wrap? An A+ post.

Causing Exotic Car EnvyThis post above is one of their better ranking posts with over 5k likes and over 46 comments! Not hard to see why, what a dope shot! A sick ride AND a sunset? It’s hard to beat that! I can now see that this student learned and began putting the hashtags in the first comment like I pointed out earlier. This is a great example of improvement and hard work. My students all start from somewhere small but when they learn as they go and show growth, it shows in their following too.

Great work! Unfortunately even with the Photographers @hosamalghamdi watermark on one of his iconic Pagani Huayra’s in transformer mode this student didn’t give proper credits, that is extremely poor form and thankfully I don’t see any other images without proper credit. You really need to give proper credits or you run the risk of having your Instgram account disabled for copyright infringement.

Eye-Catching Images

One thing I notice about this student’s account, is that most of the posts are eye-catching. Every post features a beautiful car with amazing detail. Whether they’re using a DSLR or an iPhone, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

If you are using a phone for your Instagram pics, see my blog post on taking your phone pics to the next level.

Take a look at these high-quality posts from @exoticdailyx to get inspired:

Causing Exotic Car Envy

Causing Exotic Car Envy

Causing Exotic Car Envy And Gaining Followers
These posts are all pretty great and are still keeping up with their exotic car envy theme. One goal I’d have for this student is to try to keep their “likes” up around the same number. I notice it differs from post to post. This could depend on many different things, the time of day they’re posting, the hashtags they’re using, ect. If I were them I would start keeping notes on the different posts to see why some are more successful than others. Here is another photo that wasn’t given proper credits, I know for fact that @world_around_motors didn’t take the photo and simply giving a “Photo via @world_around_motors” where you got the photo doesn’t count as giving proper credit to the actual photographer who took the photo. If you don’t know who took the photo (and can verify yourself) then you shouldn’t be re-posting it! BE WARNED!


Videos are a KILLER way to break up the still content of your Instagram feed AND HELP YOU GROW. Just make sure the posts are still relatable to your account! Videos are still one of the hottest ways to grow your Instagram account so get out and find the most viral ones to grow your accounts virally and quickly! I have several students who’ve really made use of this strategy and others who continue to ignore this teaching of mine. If  you are reading this, TAKE NOTE, USE VIDEOS TO GROW FASTER NOW!

I see that my student has a total of two videos on his account. Both are worthy of likes and both are causing some car envy. I always encourage you to experiment with your content to see what works and what doesn’t. You might be surprised. Both of these videos work with the rest of the account’s theme/style. See the advantage of IG videos here.

Even my silly Croissant Challenge Video responding to @TimothySykes #CroissantChallenge that has already gotten 13,000 views has helped me bring in more than my usual daily average of followers thanks to those who have car envy and love croissants as much as Tim & I do. What more proof do you want that this strategy brings in the followers?

Wolf Millionaire Croissant Challenge

Rev Up Your Instagram

So we can see that this student, exoticdailyx is doing well with their IG growth so far. No one is perfect at first. You learn with time! I hope you take something away from this student’s growth and apply it to your own account. Diversify with videos, hide those hashtags (which are very important to use as I explain here), and use high-quality posts or at least make it look like they are. You’ll be seeing some organic growth in no time! AND DON’T FORGET TO GIVE PROPER CREDITS!!

No matter what your brand or niche is, no matter what your goal is, you CAN benefit from growing your Instagram account following all of my Instagram strategies. Take advantage of my silent sale that’s still on because when I add my upcoming NEW 5-7 hours of NEW strategies from all of Instagram’s LATEST updates and FEATURES, my course will be going back up to FULL PRICE!

Remember that not all Instagram accounts are going to grow at the same speed. So don’t get discouraged if you are growing slower with your account over someone who continuously posts regurgitated viral content just to grow fast. Follow your passions, that is the recipe for your long term success on Instagram with my InstaWealth Growth System! I can’t wait to feature your testimonial as my next successful student hitting your first, second or third major milestone! GET TO WORK!

Want to learn EVERYTHING I KNOW about INSTAGRAM in my 22+ Hours of STEP BY STEP video Guides but are simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly quick start your Instagram money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of this Instagram opportunity that will be raging for the next 5-7 years easily. More money for my students and I.

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I am looking forward to featuring more successful students like you, but only if you’re going to give this opportunity a proper full effort!

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