Camera Roll Instagram Stories Update

By November 9, 2017Instagram News
Camera Roll Stories

Camera Roll photo & video access for Instagram Stories is no longer limited to 24 hours. Wolf Millionaire explains the importance of this new feature.

Camera Roll access to post photos and videos used to be limited to whatever you took on your mobile device within 24 hours. Instagram has now rolled out another important update to it’s Stories function; the ability to post anything in your Camera Roll! Instagram just keeps killing it, with over 800 Million Monthly Active Users, it still has so much growth to accomplish and with that spells OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU to make money on Instagram!

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Camera Roll 24 Hour Limit Removed

There is no more 24 hour limit as to what you can post and this is absolutely music (money) to my ears!

I was getting tired of stressing and wasting time by going through my camera roll and taking screen shots of my older photos that were older than 24 hours just so I could post them on Stories. Now that they’ve rolled out this update that allows us to post everything in our Camera Roll we don’t have to waste time doing this. Just scroll back as far as you want and select any photo or video to post to your Instagram Stories.

Instagram has been on the Snapchat assault train all year and it’s NOT letting up.

Instagram knows that Storytelling with Instagram Stories is the most important feature they have ever introduced. With Instagram’s latest Camera Roll update and new features like Split Screen LIVE InstagramPoll Sticker and their fun and dramatic new Superzoom Camera Feature rolled out in the last couple weeks it shows us what is most important to Instagram.

Happy Instagramming!

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