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algorithm feed hacking

Algorithm feed hacking is possible! Wolf Millionaire explains how you can improve your Instagram efforts to get maximum engagement on every single post.

Algorithm feed hacking is something anyone can better understand and master with a little explanation from yours truly. After all my STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Growth System video guides have already helped thousands of students around the world in every single niche on Instagram.

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Instagram Feed Changes

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Anyone who spends enough time on Instagram becomes quickly aware that there are patterns to what they are seeing ever since Instagram changed their algorithm. Don’t worry, Instagram Algorithm Changes are coming and if you’ve been following my Instagram Best Practices outlined in my FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide then you will be in a great spot to see NEW growth very soon!

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Remember these algorithm feed patterns are all based on Instagram’s past history of changes as well as it’s mission which is to supply its users with the best possible content. The new Instagram algorithm feed is now an even more complex formula that automatically determines what posts that YOU will most likely want to see first in your feed, based on your past Instagram historic activity. Like everything I master in my life, including Instagram, testing, testing and testing is what allows me to understand Instagram as it evolves!

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Algorithm Feed Hacking 101


The most telling element of the new algorithm feed is the overall popularity of a given post. When a person or brand publishes a post, Instagram first exposes and delivers it to a sample audience of your following, and if the initial quick engagement is high, it will become more visible generally. So posts that garner more engagement tend to rank higher on the average user’s feed. Also, if they are made by users with high numbers of followers, they will rank higher on more users’ feeds overall. But this isn’t the be all end all.

You DON’T have to have millions of followers to rank higher in your followers feeds. Make sure you learn How To Edit Instagram Photos to get more LIKES, COMMENTS & FOLLOWERS! This is an easy one to ensure when you post, the most amount of people that Instagram delivers your post to in their feed will WANT to LIKE & COMMENT on it. This will help each of your posts get the most engagement possible every single time!


The likelihood to see a post high in your feed increases if you have engaged with a user’s previous posts with likes, useful comments, DM’s and even post shares.. Make sure you read the important of using Organic Comments VS Automated Comments, it could save your account from getting disabled like so many who continue to use programs and apps that Instagram doesn’t support.

Instagram algorithm feed hacking in a sense, is based on the popularity that determines engagement which is also double-edged. Instagram is now about how popular a post is generally, and for you personally. The algorithm feed has fairly sophisticated ways of determining what topics or brands you could be interested in. If you have interacted with a high volume of posts related to cooking, Instagram will filter cooking posts to the top of your feed and in your search or explore page.

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A more specific type of algorithm feed relevancy occurs with users that have personal or professional relationships with one another and whose Instagram activity reflects those relationships. Given that it is fairly easy for Instagram to determine your personal connections, posts from close friends or family members (especially if you are all on Facebook) have a tendency to rank higher in your feed. The Instagram algorithm feed can also determine that you have a relationship with someone based on how much you engage with them online. So you might share a great deal of posts with another user, but not necessarily be close friends with that person, but on Instagram they will rank highly as someone you are closely associated with.


A major factor not related to how you engage with specific users or posts is the timeliness of your posts and your interactions. There are certain times of day that are considered higher volume than others, where more people are posting and more people are searching for and liking posts, so the potential to see more content is higher during these times. However, during lower volume times, there is less saturation, so it’s possible that a post could garner more engagement during down times.

What’s important here is that YOU know YOUR audience, and know the people YOU follow and their posting habits. Another element here is the age of a post; older posts tend to be less visible generally, which is why you may miss things if you haven’t used the app in a couple of days, even if those posts ought to rank high for you based on the other factors.

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Instagram tends to prioritize accounts that you search for, especially if you do so with regularity. Ultimately the algorithm should be designed to minimize the need for searching, because the thing you’ll want to see most will be right in front of you automatically. The reality for now is that we search often, and so the algorithm feed adapts to our search habits.


When you share a post, Instagram determines that you are likely to want to see posts by the user whose post you have shared. On top of that basic fact, if you share posts with specific users, those users may come to rank higher on your feed as well, as the act of sharing with a user makes it clear to Instagram that you care about this person.


The time spent with a post also informs the Instagram algorithm of what you like. The amount of seconds you spend looking at a post can make that user rank much higher in your feed in the future, as most of the time people scroll through posts very quickly. Time spent on a user’s profile would also impact the algorithm. Make sure you provide your followers with photos and videos that are worthy of their viewing and make sure whatever caption you provide is motivating and inspiring, even if it’s a quick morning post, trip to the mall, shopping, driving or flexing your new muscles in the mirror after a huge a workout session!

There are many factors that influence what you see (most of which Instagram has borrowed from Facebook’s algorithm), such as how often you open the app, how much time you spend in the app, how fast you scroll through your feed, how many hashtags tend to be attached to the images you view, like or post even whether the post is a video or not will bear algorithm feed changes for you as you continue to use it.

But all n all, despite the complexity of the algorithm’s formula, it’s not terribly hard to consciously influence how the algorithm affects what YOUR FOLLOWERS see and when they see it. Think of how this can affect your brand if you are trying to use Instagram for marketing. You can make efforts to maximize your posts so all of your followers get to see it the most relevant content for your brand.

Take a look through my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account, you’ll see all of which I just explained in effect with all my posts.  My exotic car content does extremely well, followed by my travel photos, followed by my selfies. Some of my selfies do really really well, others do less than awesome. Today’s gym photo will hit 1K likes by the end of the day and I am fine with that because Instagram is more than just what my followers want to see. IT’s what I WANT TO POST because it’s liberating or of interest to me. Don’t like my content? No problem, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it 🙂

I could just post photos of exotic cars to ensure I get 3k-4k likes on every photo, but thats not the purpose of Instagram for me, I want to create a variety of posts based on my life to inspire and motivate my followers and students, so I keep the content quality HIGH and keep the captions relevant and do my best with what Instagram has deemed acceptable for my content delivered in my followers feeds!

Happy Instagramming!

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