Ace Spade Rally 2017 Was A Success

Ace Spade Rally 2017

Ace Spade Rally was a success! Wolf Millionaire continues to follow his passions while leveraging his 18+ Million Instagram Followers to collaborate, attend & cover Exotic Car Rallies in his McLaren!

Ace Spade Rally 2017 was a huge success. The most special part of the 2017 Ace Spade Rally was my ability to finally attend this Toronto based rally with my McLaren I bought last summer with the money I make using Instagram. My car didn’t break down this time and I had the time of my life with some very incredible people!

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The last rally I attended in Toronto was the Black List Rally, summer 2015. I had just hired my first couple summer students, MadWhips Inc. was accepted into the DMZ – Ryerson University’s Business Incubator (the largest in Canada) and I had built over a dozen accounts, my Instagram Empire was only 5+ Million Followers STRONG!

I was provided with a Mustang convertible and was responsible for covering the rally on Instagram as well as taking close to 1000 photos from the multi-city rally while producing a final video. You can see the insane pictures I took from the rally here: 2015 Blacklist Rally Photos You might even notice my MadWhips logo on all the cars as part of the work exchanged for covering the event on my Instagram accounts as well as participating in the rally at no cost.  This was the first time my MadWhips logo was placed on over 30 exotic cars and it was pretty damn cool to see!

Now, I am by no means a professional photographer, but from my insane rolling shots (taken while driving.. shhhh) to each city’s arrival and departure, it’s clear that I have a passion and knack for exotic car photography as these photos turned out AMAZING! I used a Lumix GH3 for that rally in case you were curious. I find it a fun challenge to take the best photos of exotic cars, which is why I started!

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Ace Spade Rally 4th July

Ace Spade Rally Success Story

After my goldRush Rally Dreams Came True I was contacted by the AceSpadeRally here in Toronto to see if I was able to attend and cover the event on my Instagram accounts.  It was super last minute, but miraculously the timing worked perfect and my car had just arrived back in Toronto from California!  Timing is everything in LIFE. Don’t let this INSTAGRAM opportunity go to waste. Learn how to turn your Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME like I have! Learn everything I know STEP-BY-STEP in my InstaWealth Growth System.

Anthony Damon Ace Spade Rally

But there was a BIG surprise after I accepted to join the rally….. I was told to contact my west coast brother Damon of YouTube Daily Driven Exotics as he had just signed up for the last spot on the RALLY! Given that Damon was going to unveil his new Lamborghini Huracan (aka Tire Slayer 2.0) at the rally, I knew I had to find a special co-pilot for this EPIC adventure!

Well if you didn’t guess it by now, or seen me post LIVE COVERAGE & STORIES on my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram Account then you’ll know that James @TheStradman flew out to Toronto to JOIN ME ON THIS RALLY!

How EPIC IS THAT? The YouTube Vlog’ing LEGEND (currently 355,000 subscribers) that bought his first LAMBORGHINI at AGE 26: J STRADDY accepted my invitation to join me on the Ace Spade. James is a self made YouTube Vlog’er who’s top priority was to own a Lamborghini ASAP.

Want to know how hardcore James is in regards to saving money that allowed him to buy his first LAMBORGHINI just over a year ago, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t even drink coffee because he did the math when he was really young and figured out how much quicker he could get into a Lamborghini if he wasn’t wasting his money! This is exactly what you should be doing if your goal is save up money for use towards a special goal in your life! BE INSPIRED! WORK HARD. NOTHING COMES EASY OR FOR FREE!


Ace Spade Rally Route

This years 2017 Ace Spade Rally ripped through Canada & USA from June 29 to July 3. We started in Toronto, went to Montreal, Watkins Glen, New York and ended in Ottawa! We saw INSANE RAIN STORMS, tornado like weather, rainbows, sun-showers and beautiful sunny skies all in a short 5 day rally.

There was close to 70 cars that experienced 5 days of incredible views, twisty roads and fresh pavement for miles.  We met up with exotic car club @MontrealExclusive to ride with them into @LamborghiniMTL for their Cars & Coffee Ace Spade Rally event. Rain didn’t stop hundreds of enthusiasts and photographers from coming out to check out all the cars!

In Watkins Glen the Ace Spade Rally attended Motorsport Race events (Porsche GT3 Cup USA Race, Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Race & Lamborghini Super Trofeo Race), however Damon, Two GT3 RS, Huracan Avio and J STRADDY and I, got delayed in a massive wild 2 hour monsoon rain storm which forced us to missed the event on route to our hotel that night.  This is rally life. Where the unpredictable weather and routes and people you rally with day to day make up one EPIC and random adventure.

In NEW YORK we went out for an amazing dinner and despite having every intention to take our cars down to time square after dinner, we all retired to our rooms to grind out work in our respective niches. Damon & James editing their YouTube Videos, and myself Instagram photos, videos and stories to manage! WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR PRIZE!

Heading into OTTAWA the next day was our first FULL day of sunshine from sunrise to sunset, minus the short storm we experienced which pushed our arrival time back a couple hours, but the die hard fans still came out in the rain to meet and greet with Damon, James, DoctaM3 and myself who rolled in dead last.


Ace Spade Rally Recap

Couple things I really took to heart while having the ability to complete my first FULL rally in my McLaren. First off participating in rallies brings together people who share the same passions: driving exotic cars & talking about exotic cars and flat out just having fun.

I was also blown away by how much love and respect I received from old and new friends who wanted to talk to me about my story, some knew me prior to loosing my job, some met me just after I lost my job, I hadn’t seen many of these amazing exotic car friends (and couples) since 2015 when I was given a mustang convertible to cover the rally while still in debt during my early Instagram years.  All these same people were rooting for me, and had beautiful things to say about how proud they were of what I accomplished in such a short period of time. This meant the most from entrepreneurs and those who’ve gone through the roller coaster of life on a self made scale.

Most people couldn’t believe that I was driving a brand new McLaren that I had bought last year. Most people were completely blown away when I told them how I made all this money in a short time through Instagram advertising!! I don’t need a pat on the back to feel good or accomplished, but it’s really nice to be surrounded by others in your niche who truly want to see you succeed!

Secondly, hanging out with other Social Media Influencers on this rally was a TONNE OF FUN.  Unlike my goldRush Rally Dreams Came True despite having my McLaren break down (radiator hose) on Day 1 forcing me to ride with others for the remainder, the Ace Spade Rally was done completely in my McLaren, with James as my co-pilot and Damon & Dave of @DailyDrivenExotics as our wing-men was straight up the highlight of the trip.

While knowing exactly who James was through his YouTube channel, I never had a chance to really talk to him. At past events like Monterey Car Week we were always in the same places, but both of us were doing our own things, GRINDING FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!

I finally met James “The Stradman” in person for the first time on this years goldRush Rally and we both really connected after James Lamborghini also experienced some issues which put his car out of commission for the remainder of the rally in Bear Lake Utah on route to Park City.

Between Damon, Dave, James & Cody (@DoctaM3) and I we pushed each other to be more creative with our content, together we also focused on having more fun, than obsessing over nailing our photo or video content (who are you kidding, we managed to kill it on both fronts and have a BALLING FUN TIME!). We learnt from each other, sharing different perspectives from life to work and our respective Social Media Channel strategies. We pranked each other. We busted each others balls because that’s how boys bond. IT WAS EPIC!

Ace Spade Rally DoctaM3

So what did we all learn? We learnt that we all work extremely well together, motivating each other, inspiring each other and pushing each other not to fall asleep (hint hint James haha).

Ace Spade Rally Thank You

Special thanks to Husband & Wife Rally Founders Saturn @Saturns_Drives and May @May_SaturnsDrives for putting on an incredibly EPIC 5 day cross border (Canada & USA) rally. Did you know that Saturn & May drove the route TWICE (initially to set the route, then again 1 week before the rally) to make sure the roads were up to par (you never know when a city will have last minute major construction, or just always be under construction like Montreal has been for the last 15 years).

Ace Spade Rally Founder Saturn

This is the level of passion & dedication that Saturn & May are known for given their famous local drives and now their 3rd full successful rally! Thank you for rolling out the red carpet FOR EVERYONE on the rally, I heard nothing but laughs on laughs on laughs at all the daily stories from peoples adventures on this rally! Can’t wait until 2018!

To my napping co-pilot, James you are a true inspiration dude, I had a BLAST WITH YOU. I also learned a lot from you!

Ace Spade Rally The Stradman

Thank you for sharing many stories of your life and your journey to where you are today. Twenty Eight years old, youngest of 4 brother (all of which are Engineers), uncle to 5, and a self made YouTube Influencer who bought his first exotic car at 26 simply because he wanted to follow his passions for exotic cars after he graduated from University in Finance & Accounting.

If this EPIC adventure & collaboration doesn’t motivate & inspire you to launch your own Instagram Brand then I don’t know what will!

Happy Instagramming!


Ace Spade Rally DDE Huracan


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