8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

Need a little inspiration? For more in-depth tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow your Instagram followers like the accounts we’re about to review, check out our InstaWealth Growth Video Guides. I’ll teach you step-by-step everything I know about Instagram, which includes starting an account from scratch – you’ll be able to start getting inspired and making money at the same time.

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It happens to all of us. We’ll be scrolling listlessly through our social media feeds, wondering what to do, what to take a picture of, what to post, what to make, where to go. Nothing seems to be hitting the mark. We’re all always searching for some inspiration, and sometimes it’s hard to find. Well, look no further than these carefully curated, insanely inspiring accounts that will get you off your seat and help you create a similar account of your own. Freshen up your feed and creative ideas with these easy to replicate accounts. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the Wolf Millionaire Instagram, to get you pumped about how using your own passions to create a killer Instagram account with real followers that can make you money!

Inspiration: For Entrepreneurs

For all you weekday warriors and work-from-homers with big dreams, Instagram captures your do it yourself spirit. Take a break from sipping your coffee and making a difference in the world to get some inspiration for how to keep on track with your goals.


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

Richard Branson is the creator of Virgin Group, which owns over 400 companies. No big deal. Branson likes to fill his account with the latest adventures in his lifestyle as he travels the world. He also keeps it up to date with empowering quotes that remind you never to give up on your dreams. Richards photos usually involve him with his larger than life smile, coupled with a short caption or no caption at all. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on Instagram in photo or video and just make sure you experiment with different camera effects, Instagram filters and especially lighting as I explain in my earlier post 6 Simple Hacks To Make your iPhone Instagram Look Professionally Photoshopped.

Inspiration: For Travel

There’s nothing better than exploring the great big world we live in. For the days that we can’t, well, there’s Instagram morning, noon and night waiting for your next day dream!


This account is one of our fastest growing InstaWealth Growth System students (and one of my personal favourite). This account run by Derek who started his inspirational & motivational travel account only a couple months ago has quickly grown from 0 to over 68,000! As you can see from the variety of his posts, he covers all corners of “our spectacular earth” by using the highest quality photos that are bright, uplifting and paired with a short reflective motivational caption as well proper credits and tagging the photographer in the photo. Almost all photographers comment on his posts and thank them when he features one of their incredible photos. I highly recommend following this account to be inspired by stunning uplifting daily posts!

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Simone Bramante

8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

For Simone Bramante, storytelling and picture-taking are one and the same when combined in perfect harmony. Careful, this Instagram will give you a serious case of wanderlust. Travel around the world with just a few clicks of your phone and get inspired to find all the cool nooks and crannies of where you’re living. Take a look at the use of colors, creative photos and shot but descriptive and playful captions this creative director uses to nail home an incredible experience via his artistic talents.

Inspiration: For Life In General

Life is a highway, but sometimes life gets you down. Let these accounts get you thinking positively to help you achieve your daily goals.


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

It’s hard to argue there’s anything more inspirational than people. So there’s people of New York – or Humans of New York, to be more exact. This account shares real stories of real people across the city, the little glimpses into people’s big complex lives offering up stories that will give you a fresh new take on life.

As you can see use a storied or blogging approach in the captions of their posts. Some stories span multiple posts and as I explained in an earlier post Instagram Blogs Are Taking Over The Web for people who want to create a blog based on the photos or videos they post on Instagram. Even celebrities like The Rock are using Instagram to blog about their life and the things that motivate them.


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

This feed will make the word lovers out there happy. It will make most people happy, too, considering it’s called Happsters. You’ll feel a little burst of sunshine when you follow them and get your daily dose of inspiration from the motivational quotes.  One the fastest ways to help grow any Instagram account in any niche is to always reinforce positivity and motivation in your captions. This doesn’t have to be every single post, but you should incorporate a positive uplifting theme among your posts. People love to be inspired and motivated, so give them a real reason to crave your posts and engage with likes & comments.


Inspiration: For Getting In Shape

We’ve gone in depth on this one too, with the best fitness brands across Instagram. Whatever your level of fitness, though, Instagram’s out there to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. Get on board and clean up your profile if you plan on showcasing your physique, routines to get fit or knowledge about supplements or healthy eating that works for you.  People love to relate and look up to successful people and fit people so make sure your profile has the best profile picture of you (in focus and bright), has a short well written (proper spelling) account bio. From their you need to make sure your post quality is consistent high quality photos or videos if you want to attract followers and grow your account fast!


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

It’s in the name – up your fitness. Mike Marchese, the creator, offers training and tips on his blog to complement the photos that will get you wanting to intensify your workout routine. He’s also a master the human flag, a notoriously difficult move – take notes. You’ll be able to impress your friends.

Inspiration: For Creating Cool Stuff


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

You won’t be able to look at Studio DIY’s feed who’s mantra is “Make Life A Party” and not want to Do It Yourself. Thanks to her extremely colourful, creative, and cool content – she will have your createive juices flowing so you can get creative in your posting as well! Start crafting and taking pictures of your creations for your own eye-catching feed. Just look to this account for ideas of how you can replicate similar shots and keep your colors basic and bold. This account is so positive with energy thanks to the consistent uplifting palate of colors used (mainly whites, pinks and blue). Wan’t to get noticed in a see of reposted photos and regurgitated content? Then follow this accounts posting style!

Inspiration: For Healthy Eating

We’ve also got you covered for the ins and outs of what you should eat on Insta, so go ahead and take a longer look if you’re feeling like a foodie.


8 Accounts For Your Insta-Inspiration

Eating well is not the easiest task in the world, but Nutrition Stripped makes it look like it is. With just one scroll through this feed, you’ll be craving your fruits and veggies like there’s no tomorrow. And with a blog full of recipes, you won’t have to wait until tomorrow to make them. This is another excellent account with a neutral, green and clean feel to the posts and account making it highly attractive and desirable to look at in peoples feeds. Make sure your posts get noticed by employing a similar strategy boasting lots of white space and contrasting colour in your news feed.

Inspiration: For The Jet Set Lifestyle



ClubJetSet is another one of my successful students Inspirational Instagram accounts that was started less than 3 months ago and has gone from 0 to 80,000 followers with INSANE engagement per post. What is this students secrets to growing the fastest private jet page on Instagram?  For starters this student loves private jets and luxury living and chooses to surround himself with this positive imagery to keep him motivated as he grinds through his various projects in life.  He is leveraging my Instagram Strategies perfectly and as a result, well you can see by the likes and comments on each photo not to mention his 80,000 followers in less than 3 months that he is killing it on his first Instagram account!  His photos are bright, high resolution and feature professional, amateur and company photos from various private jet companies around the world.  He couples this motivational luxury lifestyle with varied captions that have call to actions to “tag a travel partner” and sometimes provide inspirational quotes to further ensure his followers are liking his posts and leaving comments, all of which contribute to his photos hitting the explore page thus delivering an influx of new followers!

TIP: My student is also giving proper credits on all his photos, which in many posts, have the jet companies or the photographers commenting and thanking him for featuring their photo not to mention giving them proper credits in the caption and tagging them in the photo. This is extremely important and helps you get the attention of the companies in your space. I can guarantee you that this account will be able to monetize very nicely in the upcoming months when this student decides his account is ready to be monetized. For now he is solely focusing on growing his account to his first MAJOR milestone of 100,000 followers.

What inspires you? Let us know in the comments, and through making your own inspirational Instagram account following all these great examples I have highlighted and learning everything I know about IG in my InstaWealth Growth System Video Guides.

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